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I have to take the TEAS this summer before entering my 4yr BSN program at a small private nursing school. I was just wondering what to expect on these tests? Are there difficult? Is there any preparing that I can or should do? I would appreciate any information and help anyone can give me! Thanks in advance!


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Hi. There is a website you can go to for some help with the TEAS.


I just took a TEAS exam the other day and it was fairly easy but every school may be different. The one I took was composed of only English and Reading Comprehension. It had about 120 question total but broken up into 2 parts. But, I do not know if every school offers the same test.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you so much for that! The one I am taking I know has Math, Science, and both English and Reading Comprehension. I'm hoping it will just be like any other standardized test, or even like the ACT. Thanks for that website and your input!


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It is somewhat like a standardized test but make sure you study environmental science...rocks, peaks, and cloud formations.

Good luck!


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Okay! Thank you so much for the tips!

I purchased a book from Barnes & Noble called "Nursing School Entrance Exams" it was $20 and it has ALL the tests in it. It tells you exactly what kind of problems are on it, and how it's scored. It has sample tests, and it tells you how long you have for each section. PLUS the book has awesome tips on other nursing criteria. I highly recommend this book:yeah:.

There will be random stuff on the TEAS like tectonic plates and what not...lol.

Hope it helps!


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oh great, what fun to look forward too. i'll have to look into that book! do you know who the author is?

TEAS wasnt all that bad. i took it for the 1st time on May 9th and i got my result to be 80%! i was so happy!

the only things that i suggest you study on are the English grammar and the Math and some sciences.

but if you are fresh out of high school, like me, and you took the SATs and ACTs as well as other tests for college entrances, then you dont need a guide book. i never used any and just waited for the test day to come.

good luck! i know you'll pass! :)


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i don't agree with a lot of these post regarding the teas test. if they are really taking the teas and only taking the reading and english portion, then that is not the teas -- sounds more like the tabe or general test for reading comprehension/level of reading.

i just took the teas and it was hard. i studied for two months prior and still thought it was difficult. my test had reading, english grammer, spelling, math and science - covering biology, anatomy & physiology, chemistry and some physics! now, i've taken all of these subjects in high school (28 yrs ago) and took a & p and micro most recently at the 3rd year college level courses. i have to say, the questions on my test were mainly chemistry and physics questions. not sure if that holds true for all teas tests, as they pull random questions for all.

my advice is to buy a study guide and study! i scored 95% overall, but barely. had i not studied, i probably would have come more closely to a 70% or failing score. any nursing exam book will do that covers all the basic sciences, math - to include algebra, precentages, ratios, fractions, statistics and geometry w/very little trig type questions. (for the record - i scored 100% on the math portion) make sure you know all formulas you learned in high school too ... without that review, i would have bombed the math portion. forgot to mention, there is also a lot of metric conversion -- like "a patient weighs 150 pounds, how many kg does the patient weigh?" if you don't remember the forumla; 2.2 lbs = 1 kg - you'd be screwed on the exam!

that's my best advice to you. i purchased a book at borders for less than $25 that has practice exams that you actually take on the computer, timed and results that follow with incorrect answers explained. that saved my "you know what" in the end as well.

also, if you register at atitestin.com, you can take a practice assessment - not the same as the "practice exam" offered with like 20 questions/answers - but more like the real test.

good luck to you :yeah:


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I took the TEAS test last year and used the ATI Pre-Test Study Manual. I did very well on it and I only used this book. The test is just like the study guide. I actually just came across it and if anyone is interested in buying it, I would be more than happy to sell it to you for half of what I paid for it. There is just a small amount of penciled in writing, but not too much. I paid 46.00 for it. Let me know if you are interested in it.

Hello Again :)

The book that I told you about earlier is titled "Nursing School Entrance Exams" and it's by McGraw Hill. Again, it's about $20 at Barnes & Noble and I highly recommend it, you'll be so pleased with your purchase. One thing I liked about the book it that it tells you which subjects you'll be tested on for which test. These are the ones it covers: NLN PAX-RN, NET, TEAS, PSB-RN, & C-NET-RN, and it shows you exactly how each subject within each test will be scored and how much time you're allowed.

Hope it helps!!


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that's the same book i used to study as well .... but mine came with a cd that you could actually take a timed test on the computer. also, when taking the TEAS - mine was all computerized - i've heard that some were still using the bubble type test. i finished all portions of the exam in about half of the time allotted. in and out within 2 hours - that included signing into my account, test setup, etc.

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