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I’m taking the TEAS exam for nursing next week . I have the TEAS book (yellow one ) is the test just like that book ? I been studying the test in the book because it’s so much . Has anyone taking the TEAS test this year and how is it . Will I be OK :prepared if I know the test in the book ? Abs I’m taking it at home online the proctor I believe how does this work ? Any insight please I’m  nervous abs need to pass this 


thank you soooo much! it's so stressful! ?❤️

Weirdly, just in case it helps this quizlet in math had many of my exact questions I saw on the exams. Also the science quizlet I am attaching. Not sure what is happening, but study up just in case it helps! https://quizlet.com/520581649/valencia-math-TEAS-flash-cards/ and A+ Concurrent Science Flashcards | Quizlet.pdf

I truly appreciate your help so much! I'm going to review everything. I have been pursuing this for so long, lost all my hopes... then they accepted me! and now I'm so concerned of not getting the minimum score which is even low. My school only gives you one chance and that's all ?


thank you so much again!! you are an angel

You are going to be a great

 nurse and treat your patients well ? That's what we are all here for. So what if you forget  math problem, etc? At this point, your dedication and care is going to outshine that!


Likewise ?❤️!! the world definitely needs compassionate and caring people, especially nurses!

Thank you for all your help 

I’m horrible in math - I been studying but just can’t get it . If I fail the math would that make my score really low that I fail that whole test 

The math on the actual TEAS is a lot easier than on the practice exams. I was consistently getting like 82 and 84 on the practice math exams and I was so upset with myself....I obsessed over math, which I wish I wouldn't have. On the actual TEAS I got a 96.9. The problems were much simpler than on the practice exams! Check over that quizlet I posted for math and you will see what I mean




OK I just took that exam B and got a 50 only three things on there was in the book that I studied which is crazy .so I need to study this test  So the percentage we get on the practice exam is like the percentage we get on the actual test ? 

Exam B is like the real test. Please please please look over the science quizlet I posted. Literally, like 50 percent of questions were on the actual exam. https://quizlet.com/520582617/concurrent-science-flash-cards/

same with the math I posted. 

OK I’m gonna study the ones I got wrong and the quizlet and redo the exam b today then the exam c tomorrow. Thanks 

Question did you take the ATI TEAS for LPN OR RN? 

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