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I’m taking the TEAS exam for nursing next week . I have the TEAS book (yellow one ) is the test just like that book ? I been studying the test in the book because it’s so much . Has anyone taking the TEAS test this year and how is it . Will I be OK :prepared if I know the test in the book ? Abs I’m taking it at home online the proctor I believe how does this work ? Any insight please I’m  nervous abs need to pass this 


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I am also in the same boat as you expect I am planning on taking the test in September. I also have the same book as well the book is similar to the test because it provides all the strategies and concepts that you need to know. Having used this company before I found them to be helpful in achieving a passing score on the first attempt. However, begin that you only have a limited amount of time there is a practice test at the end of the book. Therefore, I would work through the practice test in the book and see how you do. As for proctoring, I am unsure of how that works.  

I think you will be fine let me know how you do and best of luck😀

The yellow seem to be all over the place and The school told me to go to the actual ATI TEAS website and study what they recommend and this is one of the books that they recommends So I been studying  in this book I hope I’m not studying to fail hoping what  I’m studying is actually going to be on the test


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I saw your comment and all the books and other study materials are supposed to be up to date with the current version of the test

OK thanks 

I just took the TEAS VI yesterday and got a 96. My advice is to bite the bullet and buy all the ATI TEAS material on the actual ATI site. Especially important, and if you buy nothing else, are practice tests B and C. They are almost exactly like the real test! I also had the Mometrix book, which I found less useful overall. 

Practice test B and C where in the book or the website 

I have the book from the site 

It is the test from the website! 🙂 The ones in the book are helpful but not super indicative of what's on the actual test.

If you use that quizlet and do well, you will be golden for the science.

Quizlet -from the practice test online correct 

yes the quizlet has captured the questions on the online ATI site's Practice B and C test. 

Great I will buy the practice exam today . Question about practice  does it allow you to choose each part at different times  because I’m not ready for the math part? And does it allow me to go back to study the ones I got wrong ? My actual test is this sat 

When you take the practice test, as you answer each question it will tell you if you got it right or wrong. Unfortunately, you have to go in order of the real TEAS test (Reading, Math, Science, and English), but you are allowed to take each full practice test twice, so that should help....

Good luck on your exam Sat!!! You've got this 🙂

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Am purchasing the ATI TEAS manual from the website and the practice test is there any discount codes that can be applied 

Teas10 is the discount code 

OK thanks 

Is this the correct one 



Yes! You get Version B and C. B is the most representative in terms of content and difficulty. If you do well on that you will be golden. If you don't then you'll know what to brush up on 🙂