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  1. LPN LINCOLN TECH PARAMUS?? Any thoughts??

    yes morris vocational I will be starting in couple of weeks
  2. LPN LINCOLN TECH PARAMUS?? Any thoughts??

    horrible school do not waste your money The one in Iselin is horrible do not waste your time or money !
  3. great. I don’t know I start sep 8 . waiting on school books list so I know what books to purchase and class schedule which I will not get to first day of class .
  4. how did your LPN Program go
  5. Has anyone attend Morris Vocational school for LPN program this year that is willing to sell there used books or even give them away ?
  6. TEAS Exam

    Yes all you have tO do is Google TEAS quizlet- and study those for the sections your gonns be tested on
  7. TEAS Exam

    Yes it is helpful but I found what was on quizlet was the exact same stuff on the test
  8. Any advice on how to prepare for test. Our teachers tells us to just read the chapters but it’s so much not sure what to focus on. She did state the test will be pretty much Scenario pertaining to the chapters.
  9. TEAS Exam

    Honestly study the Quizlet ..the yellow book ( test /quizzes, orange book / . I did not study the readying or English( you either know that or don’t ) a lot of prefix for English, and what a proper sentence and conjunctive sentences.
  10. TEAS Exam

    You should be OK the second test seem to be more of all that I was studying
  11. TEAS Exam

    Yes it was some of the same questions from the last test . And this time questions definitely from the Quizlet and the book .
  12. TEAS Exam

    For the reading it’s just story’s and you need to figure out that topic or main point of it (nothing to really study for) English has a lot of prefix and suffix. And what are correct sentences and correct spelling of Words abs when to use (which,ther...
  13. TEAS Exam

  14. TEAS Exam

    No seems like u have it ! The questions will be from all three. The orange book on the TEAS website and the mometrix book and the Quizlet. There’s a lot of prefix on the English part as well .
  15. TEAS Exam

    It was about atoms and protons adding an tut chart/ mostly questions about the body