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And what did you think? I took it last week and feel like I was prepared for the Math and Reading portions by using the study guide but I really struggled with the Science portion. For me it was a... Read More

  1. by   LisaD24
    Congrats dilyn! I am taking the test in March. I have the ATI review book and a separate book which has 3 practice tests. Last night i took the math and both English/sections (all that time allowed for last night!), and scored about a 76%. I've been out of school a long time and it's taking a while to get back in to the swing of things. All of the information is familiar, but I still have a lot of studying ahead of me. Thankfully I have a full month and a half left to study before my exam. I hope I do as well as you did. Congrats again! Any tips on study methods that worked for you?
  2. by   Tinker88
    I took the test and received an overall composite score of 71%. I scored an 83% on math and 67% on science. The program I want to get in requires a minimum overall score of 62.5% and a minimum score of 60 in each of the four test components: Reading, Math, Science, and English. I used the mcgraw teas v practice book, and I would NOT recommend it for the reading and english sections. I was doing very well while practicing, actually scoring higher in reading and English than math. If I had to do it all over again I recommend purchasing ATI's practice products. They more than likely prepare you better. Then again I hate taking test on computers, so that might affect my concentration. Anyways, the test was not HARD if you review your math and science. I wish I got a higher score, but I am just thankful that I passed the first time. Definitely study your A&P notes. There are tons of questions that involve chemistry and anatomy. Hope this comment helps others with preparing for the TEAS V!!!! Best of luck to all!!!!
  3. by   Timothy Noye
    Ehh. Not sure what all the hype is about the TEAS V. I thought the information was very elementary, except a few questions. Definitely go back to high school level math and some college AnP. The part that got me was the Reading and Grammar (always have been my weak points.) I didn't study and earned a composite score of 84%. Hopefully I'll be getting into the program of choice. So stoked!
  4. by   dilyn
    Hey Lisa! Thanks! Sorry this is such a late response. I left all my study tips in my post, the only thing I did extra was have a friend help me with some of the science, especially chemistry since I had only taken one class forever ago in high school. You seem to be on the right track though! You definitely need at least a month to study. I'm in class with a much older classmate who has been out of school for a long time while working in healthcare for many years - she's back in school for her nursing degree and had to take the TEAS V. She studied for a few months and scored a 72 which I thought was awesome (she needed a 71). It was A LOT of studying for her but she made it happen! Again, I thought the manual and online practice tests were a huge help. Good luck, I know you are studying hard and you will do great!

    Timothy, congratulations on your score but this test is far from elementary. I'm an A student and I would have not made my score without studying like I did. This type of testing is one that most people have to really review and study for. I think it's great that you can claim to make that score without studying, you are one of the few, but please don't belittle this clearly challenging test.
  5. by   karenthula
    I just took it on the 22nd. I got 78 for reading did bad on the math 64 but got a 87.9 for the science part (99% for national). I was shocked because i found the science so easy the second time. But struggled with the math. I did have the flu which didn't help, and the math had a lot of word problems. I found an app on my android that really really helped me on the teas, it sets up tests that you can take, and it is very similar to what was on the teas itself. It costs 9.99 but well worth it, and it is a tax write off.
  6. by   aspnurse
    Hi Did you ever receive an electronic version of the study guide? If so do you mind sharing with me? My email address is aadnz2011@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!
  7. by   denisenorris74
    I took it yesterday and got a 75%. I used the ATI study manual and also TEAS V secrets study guide from Mometrix. I also watched tons of youtube videos from a guy called Keshwani...google him, he's very good at explaining math in simple easy to understand terms. He also helps you learn to estimate things instead of doing all the work for a problem. I also used khanacademy.org. I still don't know if my score will be "good enough" though.
  8. by   Molly12
    I am scheduled to take the TEAS Feb. 26th. I am really nervous. Especially for science. Any tips on each of the sections would be awesome!