TEAS VI - failed :(

  1. hello everyone,

    well i took TEAS VI today and scored 61% I'm so sad and disappointed. I have been studying the ATI study manual 6th edition and the mometrix secrets 6th edition as well. I also took practice test on ATI website both A and B and scored in the 70s on both tests. now I'm not sure if those practice tests are any good.

    I'm on a remediation self study time for one year. can anyone here help me with tips and more useful study guides? please someone help. I have been crying all day. now i have to wait one more year to re take the test and to start the program. please help. am i the only person who has failed the TEAS their first attempt?
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  3. by   Eden111
    143 views and no one has any advice for me ? :/ isn't this a support page ?
  4. by   OHN19
    Although I passed the TEAS on my first attempt I can give you the advice that some fellow student talked about. Did they give you a print out of what you did bad on? I know my school gave me one and it showed some areas that I could improve in.

    My fellow students bought books and 2 even used the ATI TEAS prep thing. Be careful though these things can be expensive. I believe the ATI one is ~$200.

    I personally like quizlet. You just need to make sure the information is accurate. Can't tell you how many times I've looked at Quizlet stuff only to have myself questioning it.

    Another thing to know is a year is an extremely long time to be studying for the TEAS. I would also try to study other things such as basic sciences. I remember my TEAS had questions about plant functions and their cell parts. Since I've been in Nursing School I MIGHT have brushed over that in Microbiology, but didn't use it at all.
  5. by   Eden111
    Thank you for your response. it's been quite sometime since I took prerequisites so maybe pulling out science books might help.

    I contacted ATI and told them my concerns. I stated I had purchased their study guide along with the practice tests. Now they want me to buy their bundle with the online prep course. it's 200 plus tax. It's ridiculous.
  6. by   PrereqTaker89
    I've heard that the practice tests are harder than the actual exam. Odd that you scored 70's on those and only 60 on the exam.

    What at were your grades in your prerequisites?
  7. by   Eden111
    It's been a long time since I took prerequisites but I got an A in anatomy and Physiology and B in micro.
  8. by   thatperson
    I received an 80 on my first try. I think that it really does depend on the person taking the exam. Many factors come into place, you studied the material, you know what you are doing, but many things happen that affect that. Study for a whole month before the test. Do 10 pages of studying material everyday and read that 10 pages until you understand and memorize everything in that 10 pages. I took the teas again the second time without studying for it because I figured I know my stuff. I got an 89 on my second one. I know taking the test is scary and dont let that effect you. I was so much more relaxed the second time and I did not even study, look i increased 9 percent.
  9. by   Eden111
    It was my first attempt and I was beyond scared and nervous. my heart felt as if it was going to jump out of my chest. I was shaky and kept looking at The timer on the screen.
    thanks for your feedback I'm on remediation now will be taking the test again next year. It sucks that I have to a year now.
  10. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from classof2019
    143 views and no one has any advice for me ? :/ isn't this a support page ?
    Your thread's been moved to our TEAS Exam Help forum to elicit more replies. Good luck to you.
  11. by   flytip_21
    I feel your pain. I took the ver6 last Dec 2016 and got a 61 as well. Studied the ATI 6 new book and I think Trevium? And honestly, the new ATI book did NOT help. It was off compared to the test. I also purchased the practice test (A only) and that also was off with the test.
    So.....I went to research further and most students have stayed with the Version 5 of the ati study manual and an additional book as supplement.
    If you have more time to prep, I think it would not hurt to purchase both versions of ati and supplement it with a book or 2.

    Good luck to you and hope the next time you take it, a passing grade is the outcome.
  12. by   Alissann
    Although no 1 test is the same, for the science portion, it all comes down to how well you know the material (mostly A&P). All of the topics are definitely covered in the ATI manual, but you might want to brush up on some topics online or through other sources (I kept my books from prerequisites) because the questions will not be as black and white as they seem in the manual or practice tests.
    With Reading and English, for me the best technique was taking as many quizzes/tests as possible.
    If you need any other help or advice let me know.
  13. by   Eden111
    thank you for your response. yes I feel like the ATI study manual didn't help at all. did you retake your exam? how did you do the second time.
  14. by   Larocquh
    I just took it on Feb 8th and scored 88% (90s in math and reading, 89 science, 70.8 English) I knew the English was going to be tricky, and I've always done really well with English and was in AP during high school. I found that section tedious when I was studying for it and since it's at the end of the exam I was also probably over it by then haha!

    I only bought the mometrix manual, but I also heavily used an app on my phone called "pocket prep", and I feel like it helped tremendously, I would highly recommend it. You can take quizzes on the go, study explanations for all questions, and make custom exams for whatever sections you want to study. It more than paid for the $15 cost of the app. I had very similar questions on the test that I had practiced on the app. You can also flag questions and the total question bank is almost 1400, I ended up getting through 1200 questions. For science I brushed up on physio and anatomy by watching the crash course A & P playlist (has about 47 videos on all systems), and reviewed my physio notes. I studied for 4-6 weeks and really just practiced taking the test over and over again. I feel like a lot of the TEAS is more a test on critical thinking/how to take the test which makes it tricky. I'm sure you'll score well the next time!