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  1. What is the best study guide book for the teas that guarantees passing?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Nothing guarantees passing.
  4. by   Alicerose
    Ok let me word this differently, a book that's good to study that will help do well on the teas.
  5. by   Alicerose
    But thank you meanmaryjean for that comment.
  6. by   apmarquez
    The ati book is the best.
  7. by   Alicerose
    Quote from apmarquez
    The ati book is the best.
    Do you know which edition is the best?
  8. by   apmarquez
    usually the most recent one. When i was studying for the teas i used the most recent teas ati book for that year and studied from it for about a month.
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    Good rule of thumb is always use the study materials from the testing company themselves.