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  1. Orlando, Fl CNAs

    Hi Orlando CNAs I live in Orlando (MCO area) and will start ASN program next month. To help the school/daycare expenses I am thinking of becoming a CNA. However, since my husband works night shifts and on Sundays, I am just able to work 3 days a week...
  2. Yes

    Hi everyone I'm starting my program next month. I was thinking of getting a CNA degree and work part time (about 15 hours) a week to help me with the school expenses. I called all the schools that offer CNA classes in my area and found out that the ...
  3. Valencia College 2019 Orlando

    Thank you ??
  4. Valencia College 2019 Orlando

    both and I haven't finished my castle branch paper work! a question: Do we fax or print cpr certification or drug screen results? or just upload them on Castle branch?
  5. Valencia College 2019 Orlando

    Thank you ❤️❤️
  6. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    Hi everyone, Since I already got accepted for Valencia ASN summer2019, I won't wait for Concurrent program and will start ASN program in a month. I can't risk it again since I also had trouble with UCF undergraduate admission before. Wish you all t...
  7. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I saw an advisor back on December and she told me if I get 86 on teas I’m good and have a high chance to get accepted. I was suprised that I didn’t even get waitlisted!
  8. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    overall GPA 4.0 teas 87.3
  9. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I was a transfer from Valencia and I got denied! not even waitisted!
  10. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    Congrats! we have almost the same stats. Mine was overall gpa 4.0 and teas 87.3 but I didn't even get waitlisted
  11. Valencia College 2019 Orlando

    Hi everyone, Anybody here not finished her immunization or finger prints?
  12. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I just applied for Orlando and didn’t even get waitlisted
  13. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I was denied ?
  14. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I started from 5 am ???
  15. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I also wish everyone get in ❤️?