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My Exam Results Adjusted Individual Score: 94.3% ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Exemplary Mean - National: 64.3% Mean - Program: 65.7% Percentile Rank - National: 99 Percentile Rank -... Read More

  1. by   overthecliff
    Wow, thank you!
  2. by   HeatherMax
    I am taking it in 12 days, I am printing this off. Thank you!
  3. by   determined_30
    thank you so much you rock
  4. by   goal001
    Thank you so much for posting this tips. They are extremely useful.
  5. by   goal001
    Quote from rainbowvahmet

    My first attempt on online practice forms A and B produced a 78% and 82% respectively. I found the results very helpful because a breakdown of areas I needed to concentrate on was included. I simply focused my studies on those subjects. When I retook them, I scored 82% and 86%.

    I found the online practice exams to be more difficult than the study manual questions. Surprisingly, in opposition to what I have read on this site, I found the questions on the actual exam to be more difficult than the practice exams. However, as has been stated by many, I scored significantly higher on the actual exam.

    The point of all of this: buy the online exams. There is not a better way to get a feel for the actual exam. By the time you take each of them twice, you will be well versed in the form of the exam; and you will have a better idea of how you need to rationalize your way through each type of question. Trust me...these are your best prep resource.
    Hi, Dear Rainbow, You mentioned the online test which you used for practising, do you mean the McGraw Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests (excellent practice)
    Thank you!
  6. by   antiqua21
    Thank you so much for posting this. I will definitely be using this to help me study.
  7. by   overthecliff
    No, I'm pretty sure she's talking about the practice tests you can buy through ATI.
  8. by   StephanieMalyMcLain
    Thank you so much for your post....It is so helpful. I will be taking the exam in the fall and I'm soooo nervous. I am 42 and havn't been in school in 24 years....nervous but so excited to finally do this!! Any other pointers for a mature student will be greatly appreciated!!
  9. by   Scoofynewfie
    Thank you so much for posting all of this valuable information on your TEAS test !! I have been going over and over it for several weeks ...... hopefully I retained some of my studying as I have been out of high school for almost 30 years ! Today is my day ..... specifically .... 3 hours from now I will be starting my exam. I am a complete ball of mush at the moment ..... nervous yet excited. I was never a great student and had a very hard time retaining things, so fingers crossed that something positive happened in all this time with my studying skills !!
    Anyway, Im going back to my last minute reviews ...... making sure I know what Im doing :-) Everyone have a great day !!
  10. by   vikki86
    thanks so much for posting that list of what to study in each subject for the TeaseV..appreciate it very much!!!
  11. by   Scoofynewfie
    I passed !!!!! YAY !!!!
  12. by   Hana123
    Congrats Scoofynewfie I am taking the exam in the end of July for some reason I am so worried please share any other advice u might have
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  13. by   Scoofynewfie
    Hana123 ..... I was completely horrified for weeks ahead of time as I have been out of school 29 years now ! I purchased a couple of books to help me ..... the TEAS V Study Guide and the 5 Practice Tests . About a week before the exam, I spent about 6 hours a day just running through every subject and taking the tests over and over..... My exam was scheduled at 8am, however when we got there, the ATI website had crashed so we all had to be rescheduled. One other girl and myself had gone back the next morning to take ours and we both passed !! I will say ..... DEFINITELY go over science ... and then go over it again ! Our instructor said every group that took the test has said that science was the hardest ...... Reading and English were relatively easy ..... and surprisingly Math was my highest score. Several word problems, a lot of algebra and even some basic math stuff. I would highly recommend getting those study guides as a lot of what is on the test (while not exactly the same) is in those books. Without them I likely would have failed. I spoke to several people that took the test after me that were soooo scared also ...... and they came out of it saying it wasn't that bad ! Don't worry too much about it ....... just make sure you know your science ..... and I would say my test had significantly more life science and chemistry than anything else in that subject. I did better score wise than I thought I would being out of school that long ..... so Im sure you will do great !!