Entrance exam tips for LPN/RN school?

  1. Does anybody know how to improve your grammar or reading comprehension when you're taking the entrance exams for LPN/RN schools? Does it take years to master reading comprehension and grammar or is it pretty straight forward where you could study the stuff on flash cards and take practice tests? I don't want to go through all my pre-reqs and then try and study the study guide books for entrance exams like TEAS or HESI and the study guides become nothing similar to the tests and I wasted my time and student loans for nothing.

    I opened a TEAS ATI study guide book version V. Went to reading comprehension, saw one quesiton and tried to answer it, got it wrong and already feel like giving up. Are there certain keywords that help you dictate what answer to choose for reading comprehension?

    Like one question from the book was "Ultimately, a chemical-free approach to oak maintenance is the best approach". The book had that question and it wanted to know what best described it as which of the following?

    A. Main Idea
    B. Topic
    C. Theme
    D. Supporting Detail

    I chose D but the answer was A. I want to shrivel up and die. Why is it the main idea? Is it because it says "Ultimately"? That's what I'm talking about. Are there certain keywords that you can see that could tell you how to answer the question? I can already see nursing school like "if a patient comes in coughing with red eyes and a fever, where was JFK December 5th 1950 after midnight?"...

    I want to master TEAS/HESI. I want to pass. Someone please help.
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    I don't know about the TEAS or HESI, but a normal nursing test would have one question, five answers (with two being correct), and you would choose which answer was the MOST correct of the two!
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    Get a tutor or take a prep class. It will make it a lot easier.
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