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  1. AlmostANurse321

    Bellarmine University Accelerated Nursing 2017

    Current Bellarmine accelerated student here. What is the hardest you ever studied? Study three times as hard. It is fast. One bad test, and you are behind the 8 ball. Every class is a priority. Plan to stay in Louisville for a year or two after graduating, because Bellarmine has a stellar reputation here. Literally everyone in my section is working critical care somewhere in Louisville. You can take that experience anywhere in the country after two years here in Louisville.
  2. AlmostANurse321

    RN shortage

    There is a shortage of nurses with BSNs from legit programs who are willing to work the floor. There is a surplus of nurses with dumpster degrees from online or for profit colleges, who don't have the critical thinking skills.
  3. AlmostANurse321

    Buy passports, driver's licenses, identity cards, visas, birth certificates

    If you're going to violate the laws of the United States and every country you listed in your post, maybe don't give out your name and phone number in the introductory post.
  4. AlmostANurse321

    Resigned - New Job Help

    Here's a suggestion: "After x period of time at MICU in Fantastic Hospital, I decided that I wanted to expand my skill set by moving to a different facility." The hiring manager understands that you had a conflict with your manager, but you are playing it cool and letting them read between the lines. If you're direct about a personality conflict, then you come off as difficult and hard to supervise. Also, you need to understand that you aren't entitled to anything except a pay check. So if someone more junior than you is being trained as a charge nurse, nobody owes you an explanation. At most, you can ask in a calm and non-confrontational tone, what it takes to get promoted.
  5. AlmostANurse321

    Chinese births in U.S. hospitals?

    It's in the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, passed after the Civil War. They had to put it in the Constitution because those charming bigots down south wanted to argue that former slaves were not US citizens.
  6. AlmostANurse321

    Criminal Background and Becoming a Nurse

    Dude, get a lawyer. This is a nursing board.
  7. AlmostANurse321

    What is a typical nursing school schedule like?

    In a word, brutal.
  8. AlmostANurse321

    RN salary in Kentucky

    What part of Eastern Ky? Lexington and Appalachia are both in Eastern Ky, but probably very different salaries.
  9. This sounds like one of those posts where we are getting - at most - half of the story. I've got a few questions before I give the writer the benefit of the doubt for being credible. 1) what is this alleged disability? There was talk of an ex reporting you and then a manager for having a seizure. 2) what is the point of this post? It's long and rambling, with few facts. 3) if you are indeed being raked over the coals, why haven't you hired a lawyer? 4) I think you're making a lot of broad statements about the BON and how they handle nurses with disabilities, because you did something actually wrong and you want to stir people up to get sympathy.
  10. AlmostANurse321

    Does the same rules apply to doctors

    Two things: 1) Doctors do CPR 2) I've had physicians in my CPR renewal class before.
  11. AlmostANurse321

    Gun Owning Nurses

    Depends on where you live I guess. I'm in a rural area and during November all the nurses at my clinical site were talking about the start of deer season and hunting.
  12. AlmostANurse321

    90 minutes for a 100 question exam!

    If it is multiple choice, it's totally doable. I study a lot and finish 75 questions in about 45 minutes.
  13. AlmostANurse321

    Men in Nursing

    This feels like homework.
  14. AlmostANurse321

    Clinical site in a dangerous area?

    Unless you're in Syria, your fears are overblown. Has anybody from your program assigned to that site been the victim of a crime? You sound like someone who is unfamiliar with big cities. Most crime victims are caught up in the life, buying or selling drugs, or know someone who is. If you don't look scared or scary, they'll leave you alone. Just walk purposefully to your destination. Be confident. If someone hassles you, ignore them. Usually you're getting hassles as a goof on you, because they know you're scared of them. Don't leave anything visible in your car. I worked as a PCA at a hospital in a bad neighborhood and had clinicals there. First, the hospital security and cops were all over the place. Second, when street people or bangers saw scrubs, they left us alone. They know we do for them, and they know we are some of the only people who help them and treat them like human beings. If you're really scared pay for parking.
  15. AlmostANurse321

    Wannabe MDs in Accel Nursing School

    So a rant here. I'm in an accelerated 2nd degree nursing program. Most of the people are awesome, but there's one weird contingent. The people who didn't get into medical school, so they're intent on becoming DNP's. To be absolutely clear, I have no problem with someone whose goal is DNP. I've thought about it. My problem is that they've taken on this very superior attitude of "I should have been a doctor, except [insert excuse] so I'm applying to DNP programs while I'm still in nursing school, because bedside nursing is beneath me." They really don't want to do the nursing part of being a nurse, just the getting to prescribe and be called doctor. One of them asked a nurse during clinical how she could wipe butts for her whole life. It did not go over well. The same person tried to argue with an instructor who told us never to use the phrase "just a RN," because this student said you are "just a RN." Still, it sucks to be stuck around people with that attitude. I guess my only consolation is that they're going to find out that this attitude won't serve them very well in their first job as "just a RN."