Teacher repeats his test.


I'm so mad i study for weeks for my microbiology test every time and other people are just relaxing because they have all the test answers. Like seriously I want to tell the teacher, but something tells me that it's okay. They won't go far with the cheating in this career path. I don't no. Supper mad


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It is NOT okay.

Even if it does catch up with them someday, it is more likely to be after they are in nursing school than before - stealing the spot of someone who actually deserves it.


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That is exactly what I was thinking. They will get a spot in the program, fail out anyway, and someone who could have made it may not have gotten a seat.


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An anonymous note to the professor never hurts.

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An anonymous note to the professor never hurts.

I agree. Or saying something in the anonymous class eval at the end of the semester.

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In this day and age......if the Prof really cared he wouldn't use the same test. :sarcastic: It's laziness and lack of true caring that makes them reuse a test. You can leave a note but I don't think they'd care.


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I have had many professors who did this, including a microbiology professor. Don't let it affect your integrity and just keep studying the material to build it long-term. You will be the one who has the advantage later on when you can critically apply the concepts, while they can only regurgitate a single answer to a specifically-worded question. One of the guys I took microbiology with last semester is failing the lab this semester for this exact same reason.

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I will try to slip a note and do what I can. It's just not fair to the student that are really doing the right thing.