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So although I am an A student, I don't do much studying, don't really know how. I just read the chapters, and look over my notes. But I have been reading around here about NS exams and especially the NCLEX. and I think I need to learn how to study. hopefully that makes since. I just don't want to loose out on my dream because of the something as trivial as not knowing how to STUDY the stuff. Any help is appreciated


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What I've found to be helpful is to outline the chapter I'm reading. For every subsection in the chapter I summarize it in two sentences, and create my own "study guide" by creating my own questions out of the reading. Hope this helps!

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:yeah:I'll give you a brief rundown of how I do it, I'm an "A" student so far. For me, I study about 3 hours a night, maybe 4 and probably 6 on Sunday or Saturday taking off one whole day a week. Unless I have written work like a report or project due, then I work till it's done.

First time through the material: I skim carefully the chapter(s) highlighting all the bold (Key/vocabulary) words and getting the jist of the chapter.

Second time through is usually in class with the instructor lecturing. I hightlight everything she says is important. If she says it--it's important! I also take notes and try to put concepts into my own words. If it's something easy, I might start doing my vocab.

Vocabulary: I look up and write every single definition of key terms in a separate notebook that's just for this purpose. Then I make flash cards.

Flash cards: All vocabulary words and any other key concepts, like all the parts of a neuron or all the cranial nerves, or what constitutes the axial skeleton, you getthe idea. Plus any medical word I don't know. I probably have 40-50 cards for each chapter.

Workbook pages: I do all of the workbook pages for every chapter. Also, our texts have CD's with them that have extra study helpers like videos, animations etc. Watch them all. Plus any online extras that come with your book. Look on the back of the book or google the publisher. Good chance you'll find something.

Notetaking: Read the chapter slowly and carefully with pen and notebook in hand. Take notes on all concepts, draw pictures, diagrams whatever helps you to get it.

The night before a test: Study. Re-read everthing you have. Keep your flash cards nearby all the time and start putting them into two piles, ones you know, and ones you don't. Pretty soon the ones you know will all be in one pile and you'll be getting an A on the test!

You can't get bored studying like that. It's different every day and you are using several learning techniques. I was a teacher in my previous life for 20 years! Trust me, this works. You already have the dedication of time, now just make it more interesting and more useful. Hope this helps. And if anyone knows where I could post something like this, I find myself answering this question almost every day!

Peace and good luck!



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mmmm so good to know. Thanks!


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Thank you so much, that is awesome advice!:up:

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I am going into my third quarter out of 4 in nursing school. So far I am an A/B student. Reading how you study is just the way you should study. I read the chapter but put it in my own words to that I retain it better. I also pay attention to class lectures because the instructors give situations based on whatever we are going over. Before the test I review my notes and when we get the test back, I am a very happy student.

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I would use yellow highlighters and red pens to empathsize on what was important-there was something about this color combination that stood out to me and made me recall things. Also, I had a boatload of post-its. I would rewrite difficult concepts to simplier terms that I understood (still in red pen and highlighted in yellow right on the post-its). And, I would always create a list of questions on concepts that confused me, make sure that I either re-read it again or/and asked a professor or trusted classmate for their input. Good luck!

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