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Hey Y'all!

I just applied for entrance into the Fall 2017 TCU BSN program. Looking for others who are in the same boat and maybe connect with hopeful future classmates! I attended one of the information sessions in which I was very surprised to hear them tell us NOT to retake any classes we have taken and passed with a C as they only want you to have a 2.5 or better. They said they look really hard at everyone as a person and not off your "book smarts" which I think is how admissions should work for something such as nursing. Little bit about myself I have been a PCT in the Harris ER for a year and a half, CNA license and NHA License as a Certified Electrocardiograph Technician. My GPA is a 2.65 not great, I know. However after this semester I will have completed ALL my BSN prerequisites classes.

My Hesi scores are:

Math 68

Grammar 74

Vocabulary 76

Reading 86

Anatomy 64

Biology 68

Chemistry 72

I'm hoping my personal statement, resume, ROM letters, and experience will help me get in!



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Guess I should of added my Science GPA is a 3.65 overall is a 2.65



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Hey C_Schnieder101 ! It is a pleasure meeting you! My name is Rosalia. I also applied for Fall 2017! I am so anxious to get a response. I attended one of the online information sessions. I am more hopeful after reading that they not only look at book smarts. Did they tell you any other information they go off? A little background for me. I did not do as great as I hoped for on my HESI. I am a current student at Tarrant County College and I will finish with my associate in May. I am a first generation college student in my family, so trying to maneuver through the application process was truly hard, but I managed. I am also a current licensed cosmetologist, but have always loved the nursing field. Hopefully we will be future classmates! Nice connecting with you. :-)

GPA overall:3.62











Math 82

Grammar 84

Vocabulary 82

Reading 80

Anatomy 52

Biology 64

Chemistry 84

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At the information session they really stressed if you have taken a class and recieved a C to NOT re take it, they said your GPA is a very small consideration of what gets you in. They want people in the program that are going to make it through the program and be sucessful nurses. They said they like to see 80's and better on the HESI but just becuase you dont get an 80 somewhere doesn't mean you wont get in. They take a LOT of consideration into your personal statement. They said they want to try and know who they are excepting. They said years past they where very GPA, high HESI, etc and they noticed people where failing or dropping out as we all know especially after clinicals. So they are now looking for people who want to be nurses, have a future goal, an invision thats a real one, they want sucessful nurses not just graduates.

I feel this wait till April is going to be a long one!



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Good Afternoon, Y'all! I am a current transfer student at TCU and I am finishing microbiology this semester and then A&P II during the summer! I just applied to TCUs nursing program through nursingCAS and it was verified today and my advisor said my application will definitely be reviewed and I am beyond ecstatic!

My stats on my HESI are


Reading & Comprehension-94




My overall HESI score is 82.4! I have above the minimum GPA requirements to be considered and I wish so much luck to everyone because I am very nervous!



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Hey everyone!

I've been going through previous forums and just got extremely nervous! TCU is my second choice and I also applied to UTA for the fall 2017 program! I'm just super worried that my GPA is what's going to bring me down. I did attend an online TCU nursing session and really hoping that my personal statement will win them over because I'm super proud of it myself lol. I scored an overall 90 on the HESI and they take in consideration math and reading the most which on both of them I scored with a 90, but my overall GPA is about a 3.43... Super nervous of what's to come the next few months.



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joannefelipe, did you apply to the accelerated of the traditional? For the traditional it just needs to be above a 2.5



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lvschlueter that's awesome! They said TCU enrolled students get the first seats so long as they meet the min requirements so you should get in no problem!



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lvschlueter that's awesome! They said TCU enrolled students get the first seats so long as they meet the min requirements so you should get in no problem!

Yay!!! That makes me feel a lot better :) I wish I did not have to wait to hear back for so long!



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Hey guys! I applied to the Accelerated program!

Overall GPA is 3.2 and i have 2 previous bachelors degrees (double major with 3.24 GPA) and decided to go back to school to pursue my passion!

My HESI was 91% with math 98% and reading 96% (I think those are the two they said they focus on the most).

Prerequisite GPA 3.43 with science GPA 3.2 (i'm retaking microbio right now because my first attempt was a C).

Good luck to everyone as I believe they are looking at applications soon!


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In a program as expensive as TCU's the challenge is how to be sure that you get full value for your investment. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Dive into clinicals!
    1. Yes, I know your classmates hold it like a life preserver…. But put it down!

      [*]DO things!

      1. Put on a pair of gloves and say Can I help you with that?”
      2. Never turn down a chance to do something with a patient… even something as simple” as feeding them.

      [*]Ask things!

      1. Don't be afraid… Take a chance and ASK!
      2. Experienced nurses and instructors generally like sincere questions.
      3. Often the most confused student is the one who knows the most and who is THINKING. Don't worry… Smart nurses can tell the difference between stupidity and questions coming from trying to make sense of complicated stuff!

      [*]NEVER, EVER say I don't need to learn that… I am going to be a manager!”

      I don't understand the appeal of a program that is so darn expensive, when there are other excellent programs nearby at FAR, FAR lower cost.