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TCU CRNA program for January 2015


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by Frogs25 Frogs25 (New) New

I applied too. I like Frogs25's timeline. It seems like late July or early Aug would be a good time to find out about an interview held in early Sept.

TCU seems really good about getting stuff done quickly!

Does anybody know if Research or Stats taken at another CRNA DNP school will transfer to satisfy those courses at TCU? Any current students that have done that?

Any help appreciated. Good luck all!! Will chime in if I hear anything.

Got an email for an interview. Y'all check your email!!!!! Good luck everyone! :D

Heavykevy, when is your interview? Good luck!

My invite is for Sept 9th. I wonder how many are typically interviewed.

I got an interview too! Sept 18th. I think that's the last day of interviews? Hopefully I'm on the last day bc they do it alphabetically. Anyone know what to expect from the pre-interview test?

I looked in to it... Seems like a common sense mixed with critical thinking test to see how you are with simple shapes, words, etc.

I don't think its alphabetically, mine is on the 18th too and my last name is towards the beginning of the alphabet! But you know what they say... save the best for last, right?! hah. I've heard they interview up to 150 people but thats just hearsay..

Congrats guys!!! I'm also interested in TCU. Will apply next year though. What's the average GPA and GRE score if you guys don't mind sharing? Thanks

Congrats on the interviews all! But for those who didn't get interviews, have you heard anything from them? Form rejection letter, sorry but not this year...anything?

Trabbo, I'm wondering if they wait to see how many people accept there interview and then offer unaccepted spots to others. The deadline for accepting the interview is the 15th. If you haven't heard anything maybe you will around that time. Hope you hear something.

Hello all! Congrats on your interviews. I am hoping to apply next year and be in your shoes. Would you all who received interviews please share your stats? Like GPA, GRE scores, type and years of ICU experience, and highest level chem class. Would be greatly appreciated. Good luck!!!