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TB Pt & Travel to a Foreign Country

If pt has tested positive for TB & recently went to a foreign country, what would be the nurse's first question to ask the patient?

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What do you think are things that are important to ask a patient in this situation? We at AN will happily help with homework, but we won't do it for you or just give you the answers. Please share your thoughts first.

If this was pneumonia I would be concerned about the causative organism, but since we know its TB thats where its tripping me up. Its not a test question, just something on our review I cannot seem to find in the textbook.

Here.I.Stand specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro.

When you say "tested positive," are you referring to a PPD, blood test, chest x-ray showing *pulmonary* TB?

Assuming active pulmonary TB, and assuming RN has seen to the pt's immediate respiratory status -- not a question to ask the pt, but a huge priority is preventing the spread. Pt needs to be in a negative airflow room on airborne precautions. Infection control need to be notified (health dept too, although it's probably not the bedside RN calling them).

Now, who has the pt been in contact with? That is important info so the health dept can get in contact with them, they can be tested, and can be tested and treated if necessary.

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And if they had any symptoms before there trip?
Sometimes it is difficult to think what the question is asking and many students over think the question because the distractors confuse them.

Isolate what the question is asking. If this was a family member and they returned after a trip with a positive TB test what would you want to know? Think simple like...how do you feel?


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