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Tax season!! Tips and what not to do.

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I would love to hear some of the things that seasoned travelers have learned in their experiences filing taxes. What to do, what not to do, ways where you can claim job expenses. Do you hire professionals? How about mileage? Any tips in general or lessons learned would be great! Dd you get a refund? Did you owe big time? I'd love to hear!

This will be my first time filing taxes as a traveler. I spent most of last year in South Carolina working full time in my home state. But I started my first assignment in October. I consulted with an accountant before I started, so he will be doing my taxes this year. I do not have a permanent tax home, so that changes things. I also obtained 4 different nursing licenses in 2012. My agency didn't reimburse. Can I write off these expenses? What about the certification I got, which my job didn't reimburse because I was leaving soon? Does mileage count with no tax home? Any other tips you could recommend?

Thanks for the help. I have set some money aside, just in case I owe, but I hope I am close to breaking even.

Mileage does not count with no tax home. Professional expenses such as licenses and certifications are deductible for any professional, traveler or no. However to deduct expenses, you will have to itemize and without a mortgage interest deduction (presuming since you say no tax home), it is unlikely that you will come out better than taking the standard deduction.


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TravelTax - Started by a former traveler, for travelers -- these guys are awesome. They know everything. They can be a little expensive depending on how many different states you've worked in. They use several different worksheets they ask you to fill out and then you send all your information in to them and they do it all. Definitely worth checking out though if you're confused.

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i agree with KC87T, I go with travel tax and they are wonderful! just download the forms from their site. Good that you are not waiting till the last minute. and I don't think they are expensive, totally worth every dime.


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