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Hey there! Just looking for anyone else that applied for TCC's nursing program for Fall 2018. Patiently awaiting the acceptance emails to go out in a few weeks and thought I'd post because I know I'm not the only one dying to know!

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Welcome to allnurses.com, bailey1015

Good luck on the acceptance letter to TCC!

Hi Bailey! I applied for Fall 2018 as well; the wait is killing me!

Do you think we'll know by the end of June? I'm so nervous. I got a 94 on my HESI and I think my total points were around 147 but I know the Fall is so competitive so there is really no telling.

Hi! I also applied for the fall semester! I am eagerly (and nervously) waiting for the email! Good luck to you guys!!

That's a great score! I've been looking back and other terms have found out around 5 weeks past the application deadline.

Yay good luck to you too!!

what were your scores? I believe if, If I did my calculations correctly, I was 146-147/160. I hope that is enough to get in!

I'm in that range too! I believe I'm at a 147. Have you taken Microbiology & lab? I got an A in those so I'm hopeful that it might give me a boost! The fall is so competitive but we would definitely get in for spring!

Oh, thats great! I did take micro lecture and lab and received an A in both as well. I hope our scores are enough! good luck to you, Bailey! Also, do you have any idea when they will notify us via email? I have looked over every year in all of the forums from 2017-2011 and emails went out on dates ranging from June 6th-june 24th. I can't take this wait, haha!

I have no clue, I have searched through all these posts trying to get an idea but it doesn't seem like there's a set date :( they don't make this easy!

Hey guys! I also applied to the fall nursing program! I got a 93 on the HESI, and I think I'm at 145. I know there are suppose to be around 10 extra seats this year, so hopefully that will increase my chances of getting in! Have any of you received your emails notifying you of getting into the program or not??

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