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Taking 2 online courses at the same time?


Hi! I am a pre nursing student and so far I finished Math,(A-) Chemistry (A-) and Biology.(B+) I am now taking my final pre requite: English. I don't plan to start the practical nursing program until September 2016 and I am thinking about taking 2 online courses until then. (Sociology and Developmental Psychology) Because they are part of the nursing program. My question is: Should I take both of these course online at the same time or do one at a time? I want to finish both of them before Sept 2016 but I want to be realistic at the same time. I won't be able to start the online courses until January When I figure I will be finished the English course. Any advice is appreciated! :)

Sociology and Psychology are not difficult class, they are much theory and not hard to study for, they are doable.


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They are fine to take together and getting them done now will mean that you don't have to do them when you are taking your nursing courses. That was what I did :)

joanna73, BSN, RN

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I found introductory psych interesting but the course was heavy reading. However, sociology is light so you could manage both courses simultaneously.

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I did two online courses every summer for 3 years. I went to nursing school PT while working FT, so getting as much done during the summer so I'd have a lighter load during the school year was very important to me

That sounds like a good plan! I want to get these online courses done so that my workload will be much lighter when I start the program. My program will be full time, so how many courses are taken each semester? Not sure how that works!

How did you find the online Chem, Bio and math? I just registered for Chemistry and Biology online (probably should've done 1 at a time) and I'm finding that for me there isn't enough "explaining" in the online materials and I'm having to go on youtube, internet etc. I'm considering buying the actual textbook for Chemistry. What types of things do you do for English? is it mostly writing essays?


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I did both classes online at the same time and made A's. I hardly read my books, just used quizlet A LOT lol.

"Quizlet?" never heard of it... googling it right now :) . Did you do your courses through the ILC?

What is Quizlet? lol So that helps?


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American poster. The schools down there seem to grade differently from ours


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So sorry, I didn't realize this was the Canadian forum lol! Quizlet should still be useful to you though. It's where you can create or view flash cards, it helped me so much.