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  1. Took NCLEX-PN today

    I didnt have any drag/drop or drugs on my nclex
  2. Took NCLEX-PN today

    Forgot to post that I had actually passed :)
  3. Took NCLEX-PN today

    My test shut off at 85 questions. I had 16 select all questions, two dosage calculation, and the rest were a blur to be honest. I'm not feeling confident at all. I think I failed. I'm soo upset [emoji31]
  4. Graduated!

    Officially an alumni of my college as of 12/18/15 !! I have a job just waiting to get my ATT so I can orient and start :) I'm so excited for my new chapter in life to start! I'm also excited to say --RN class of 2018-- I'm bridging over starting Jan...
  5. Special reflections

    I need a good 3-4 sentence reflection for my teachers to read while I'm being pinned. I'm at a loss for ideas. Obviously I'm so thankful for all the love and encouragement I received over the last year from my family and friends. But I'm NOT good at ...
  6. Kaplan Readiness exam

    I took my predictor test today, I scored a 74%... I asked my instructor what the percentage correlated to and she said it was a 98.4% chance of passing my NCLEX-PN the first time. Can we say BEYOND THRILLED!!!!!! I was really discouraged about the te...
  7. Taking 2 online courses at the same time?

    They are fine to take together and getting them done now will mean that you don't have to do them when you are taking your nursing courses. That was what I did :)
  8. Does everybody want to be a NP?

    I don't want to be a NP. I want to teach students [emoji4]
  9. Am I going into the right profession or should I just

    I couldn't tell if this was serious either!!!
  10. Best laptop for school?

    I use a Mac, and I loooove my Mac. I got the Mac version of Microsoft word for it, so it automatically is compatible. I don't need to change any formatting. Suggestion though, if you get a Mac, get the air not the pro. I NEVER use the cd drive, excep...
  11. Why become a CNA? Be a Medical assistant instead

    Exactly! LTC is is ridiculous. But I have seen some people who love it and really do well there.
  12. Why become a CNA? Be a Medical assistant instead

    I worked one job as a CNA on a Cardiac step down unit. It's there where I really learned I wanted to be a nurse. I worked with mostly amazing nurses who showed me skills and helped me with my pre-reqs. Yes there are ****** nurses out there, and lazy...
  13. A C+ student to be a future nurse?

    You sound like me, I didn't do good in high school. But when I figured out I wanted to be a nurse I took community college classes for "pre nursing" and tried my butt off for the best grades I could possibly get. If you have the ambition, then you ca...
  14. Finally figured out how I study best

    And a 96 today. So I'm happy with it :)
  15. Finally figured out how I study best

    During all my pre-reqs, psych, A&P, med term, I never bothered to figure out what was my way of studying. I kind of just winged it. But of course nursing school is a whole new ball game. All year I've been doing note cards, and focusing on all th...