Taking Nclex in few weeks

Nursing Students NCLEX


Hi all, hoping to get some help here. Taking Nclex in few weeks, preparing with sometimes content and sometimes doing questions. But, whenever I do questions and I get wrong I get frustrated and more nervous thinking how can I get it wrong despite so much studying. Especially Kaplan Q bank or Question trainer. When I sit and do questions, I do learn a lot from them but on the other hand if I miss so many questions I get very nervous and frustrated, don't even wanna go look back at Kaplan questions which is not the option at this point of time. Does anyone else feel the same way or is it only me?

Your few words would mean a lot to me!


i feel exactly like you! you are not alone =) sometimes when i look over the rationales i feel so stupid for getting each questions wrong. but the key is to just keep doing questions and reading rationales and hopefully learning from everything! gl with your studies!!!

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