Taking NCLEX Tuesday and Super Nervous!!!


Hey All,

I'm taking the NCLEX on Tuesday and I'm getting really nervous as the day approaches. This is the day I have been waiting for for 5 years (I did my RN program part-time). I keep telling myself I know I can do it. I am smart, I can think things through, etc. But, of course I still have it in the back of my head that there's a chance I might not pass. Did anybody think they did really terrible on the test and end up passing? I would love to hear encouraging stories right about now...



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I took my test on the 15th. I was so nervous that I continued studying up until the day before my test. Luckily, a friend of mine pulled me away from the computer and we got pedicures. I still looked up lab values on my phone. I think it's only natural to feel as though you've failed. There is so much hype surrounding the test. It's very intimidating. I did the Kaplan course a month before my test. I completed all of their tests and 90% of their qbank questions. I ended up rescheduling my test twice. I kept telling myself I wasn't ready. I'd say maybe 30% of what I studied was on the test. I had some drugs that I had never even heard of. I was so relieved to walk out of that testing center. Since waiting was torture, I did the pvt and got the "good pop up". My friend looked me up on the Bon's website the next day. When she told me I passed, I was still in disbelief. You can do this. Think positive and take your time. Make sure you understand the question. Good luck


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Yes it's normal after u take it u will most likely feel like u bombed it lol at least that's what I felt like and what most ppl say. I'm sure ull do fine just breathe and concentrate n do ur best you'll be fine. I spent an entire day crying cuz I thought I failed but I did the pvt trick n got the good pop up, that eased

My mind a little because it rele does work. Then I found out I passed n it was the best feeling everrr


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I had a lot of priority and delegation questions n Kaplan helps with those. I had two math and 15 select all that apply it was def a tricky test and will make u feel like u failed. I also had a lot of safety n infxn control so look up the mnemonic " mrs.wee" and "spiderman" and "'my stupid chicken hz tb". Rele helped me

Out a lot!!!! Good luck ul do great!!


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I took my NCLEX last Tuesday... I left the testing center in tears. I just knew I failed, there were procedures and diseases on that test that I had never heard of. I think most everyone leaves with the same feelings. Mine shut off at 75 questions. I paid the $8 to find out that I had passed! Positive thinking!!! You can do it... you've worked hard to get where you're at!!!


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Thank you everyone for your encouraging words! Ill keep you posted!