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Taking Nclex in sept


I have kaplan and Saunders looking for a study partner to discuss the Nclex & topics by Skype. Any suggestion or advice is more than welcome i have been studying so much content that i don't know what else to do to memorize it all.


I have kaplan online aswell . If i had known about Uworlds 1 month free trial sooner i would of signed up. But one week free trial is not bad at all. Try Uworld it is alot tougher than Kaplan rationale on Uworld is supreme. Ill be taking mine this august and i am sh**ng bricks. As the exam gets closer anxiety is killing me!

Dont over study! Yes you can over study... NCLEX is not about memorizing its about applying your knowledge. I would suggest just laying off the books and sticking with practice questions. It sounds like you have already invested alot of time in content. Remember NCLEX doesnt ask you to spit facts out for example a question on labs isnt going to just throw an abnormal value at you to have you pick out the number its going to say something like patients K+ is X what is the nurse most concerned with.

And when it comes to your test day take a deep breath and take your time.

Good luck!!

I got the u world 1 week trial

mradovas I heard today about u world, i started using it so far i like it, Wish you the best for your test!, I'm waiting on my att to pick my test day! Remember to breath and relax :)

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Newgrad2015rn Thank You for your advice i will keep it in mind, I'm reading my review cards daily and starting to take the question trainer at U world, and after I'm done with this one I'm gonna start the Saunders online question trainer