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  1. mradovas

    Taking Nclex in sept

    I have kaplan online aswell . If i had known about Uworlds 1 month free trial sooner i would of signed up. But one week free trial is not bad at all. Try Uworld it is alot tougher than Kaplan rationale on Uworld is supreme. Ill be taking mine this august and i am sh**ng bricks. As the exam gets closer anxiety is killing me!
  2. mradovas

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    TRANSCRIPT VALIDATION FORM - RECEIVED BUT NOT ACCEPTED i have been stuck at this situation for almost a year now, the first issue was my mistake which i sent my documents through philippine postal. took about 8 weeks for the documents to be received by cgfns. the transcript was finally received. problem is their was no signature or valid seal. so i asked what to do now, and i took the advice from one of the cgfns representative who told me to mail in a new transcript with signature and valid seal which i did. it took about 4 weeks to be received and reviewed this time. i then called because i wondered why the status of my transcript havnt changed. so i called and this lady told me that the advice i had received from the other representative was wrong. another mistake was i didnt take down her name. she then told me that they had sent a letter to my school a letter requesting sinature and valid seal.. my problem is my cgfns is about to expire. what do i do now, has anyone else had the same experience regarding about the letter being sent to the school. thanks in advace
  3. mradovas

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    kabayan! also a fresh graduate 2013 reside CA. and no i did not take my NLE since my Travel document was about to expire. so i applied for CGFNS and its currently on the process with all my school transcripts and all that. during the filing of CGFNS it asked for a particular state to apply to, and my first choice of the state was Illinois since ive been hearing a lot of complains about CA BON. my sister called the BON Ill. and they said that they require local board. which sucks because i had no choice to leave the country. my second choice is TX. and thats what im aiming for. my question is, is it still possible to change the state i want to apply for even tho my papers arent even completed yet .