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  1. Newgrad2015rn

    Taking Nclex in sept

    Dont over study! Yes you can over study... NCLEX is not about memorizing its about applying your knowledge. I would suggest just laying off the books and sticking with practice questions. It sounds like you have already invested alot of time in content. Remember NCLEX doesnt ask you to spit facts out for example a question on labs isnt going to just throw an abnormal value at you to have you pick out the number its going to say something like patients K+ is X what is the nurse most concerned with. And when it comes to your test day take a deep breath and take your time. Good luck!!
  2. Newgrad2015rn

    Nclex RN exam ahead

    I know its easier said than done but RELAX. You have already passed nursing school so you should already have had the basics drilled into your head!! I felt like I knew nothing!!! The reality of the situation was even though I didnt feel like it did my nursing program actually prepared me very well for NCLEX. Definitly run through practice question and rationals but dont kill yourself! You got this☺️ Just have a little faith in yourself.
  3. Newgrad2015rn

    Kaplan Book 2014-2015 Practice Test

    The original Kaplan test you take to see where your at I got maybe a 68. I did a bunch of Qbank tests and consistantly got 58-62. My final readiness test I got a 59 or 60. According to my Kaplan results I should not have taken NCLEX...needless to say I did and passed on my first try with 84 questions. I felt the Kaplan questions were twice as hard as my actual NCLEX. Good luck!!!
  4. Newgrad2015rn

    ADN vs. BSN

    I dont think there is a difference. NCLEX is trying to find out if you will be a safe nurse, in the end ADN or BSN one doesnt trump the other in patient safety. I went to an ADN program and plan on moving on to get my BSN but regardless I passed my NCLEX on my first try in 84 questions with ADN.
  5. Newgrad2015rn


    Never heard of Uworld but I did use Kaplan. Kaplan was good as far as practice questions go but I personally felt the majority of their questions were alot harder than my NCLEX questions. It doesnt matter what you use just read through the Rationals even if you get the question right. Don't stress to much you already know the information you need! Good luck!! ☺️
  6. Newgrad2015rn

    pass NCLEX 2015

    This is my NCLEX experience. Hope this will help calm some nerves. I passed NCLEX on my first try in 84 questions--let me tell you I was super pissed when the computer did not shut off at 75!! At that point I didn't even care if I passed or failed I just wanted it to stop!! By number 80 I was able to compose myself and started mentally preparing for all 265 --I think its 265? Thankfully that was not the case and after a few more questions the computer shut off. I can say "thankfully" now that I am in a better state of mind but at the time my first thought was NOOOOO!! How could it shut off at 84, I had not even had the opportunity to "prove myself." I walked out 50 minutes after starting my test 84 questions later thinking -I just failed miserably!! I was thinking the test seemed way to "easy" and if I was getting "easy" questions it must be because I was submitting incorrect answers and basically the computer was below the level of passing. I found out 48 hours after taking the test through quick results that I "unofficially" PASSED! A week later my license number was posted to the states website. About a two and a half weeks after finding out I passed I received my official paperwork in the mail. Heres some things I learned... -if you can pass nursing school you CAN pass NCLEX -you cant possibly learn everything there is to know in every field of nursing*don't even try!! -NCLEX was not dumbing down my questions I did in fact learn the information I needed to know in nursing school!! ( who would have thought!?) -RELAX the thing is unlike nursing school where if you fail you fail even if you don't pass NCLEX on your first try you CAN test again. It may not be ideal but it is not the end of the world! You live and you learn and if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again. -99.9% of people leave their test feeling like they failed!! Guess what_ they didn't! - Don't second guess yourself, go with your gut. Heres my advice..... 1.) Wait the 48 hours and if possible buy your "unofficial results." DONT do the Pearson Vue trick!! Its over and your done! Take a deep breath and accept that you did your best-- don't stress yourself out more over something that is out of your control. 2.) DONT over study. Yes you can over study. I would suggest purchasing only the Qbank from Kaplan. The practice questions with rationales can definitely be beneficial. I purchased the whole online Kaplan course which as a whole I didn't feel was very helpful. I have spent years in nursing school and have learned to answer NCLEX type questions so I didn't find the "decision tree" helpful for myself. Each lesson was also incredibly long--we are talking hOuRs!! It just was not realistic to go through all the online material..it would have been a full time job in itself. The thing is if you were a decent nursing student from a reputable program (I know its hard, but again deep breath) put some faith in the fact that you already know what it takes to be a "competent nurse." 3.) Make sure you know your basics. NCLEX is not trying to trip you up--your not going to be asked questions that would scare even a seasoned nurse. Make sure you basics like ....... a. Lab values- I can still hear my professors say "if you don't know whats normal how are you going to know whats not?" b. Delegation- This one can be tricky especially if you already work in the medical field because whats correct in NCLEX world may not hold true to the real world experiences. Remember always go by the book answer! c. Prioritizing- Know who to see first. Keep in mind acute illness/injury vs chronic and know whose stable. d. Precautions- Safety is always a priority not only for the patient but the nurse as well. e. Know your calculations ** no one wants to be the patient of a nurse lacking basic math skills f. Then you have everything else you have been studying for years as part of your nursing curriculum. Again don't kill yourself trying to memorize every little detail. NCLEX is not about memorizing!!! Again its NOT about memorizing!!! It will not benefit you to recite back facts you need to be able to apply your knowledge to real life situations. Have faith in what you have already learned in school, stick with practice questions, read rationals and most importantly DEEP BREATH--you CAN do it!!