Taking nclex for the 3rd time


Hello all, so I'm taking the test for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. I have taken about 3 weeks off of studying. And now I need to buckle down. When I got my results back I was near passing in all and above passing in 1. I was thinking about doing the NCSBN 3 week course and watching the question videos for Kaplan. I also am going to do the PDA book. What does everyone think? Any info will be helpful thank you!

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It seems like you might need to hone in on test taking strategies. That's great that you are utilizing Lacharity as that is one of the best tools out there, IMO. Remember to find and focus on what you think your weak areas are, practice lots of questions, and develop your own approach that you will utilize on each question...be consistent! Good Luck!


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thank you! I feel like I know what I doing but your right I think my problem is what the question is really asking me. I also have really bad test anxiety, I felt super confident when I took my test the last time but then it didn't shut off at 75 so I got nervous, I ended up have all 265 questions. so I don't think its the content so much.


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[COLOR=#003366]Lkay26 if your weak on strategy, I bought the strategy Kaplan book online I went over it; it helped me my kaplan scores improved from 40,50's to mid 60's I did Hurst online videos.. I will do PDA before I take the NCLEX second attempt a week.. I will do NCBSN I heard does help too.. Good luck to you and Stay positive! My friend passed her second attempt with 75Questions with few SATA majority priority questions!