Taking NCLEX next week!


Hi guys! I received my ATT last month and decided to take a 3 week off to study. I'll be taking the nclex next week and right now, I feel like there are still so many topics, meds, procedure that I don't know. I'm currently worried about the pace of my review. I enrolled Kaplan's Online Classroom and I'm finishing the Q bank and this morning I had a score of 37%! This really worried me. Also, I am using Saunders too. Help! I need some encouraging words!

Thank you!


I'm a little bit familiar with Kaplan's Qbanks. Was this the first time you have taken kaplan questions?

Was your score on a specific question trainer, or did you take a certain number of questions?

Are there any other NCLEX programs or books that you are doing and if so, how are you doing on those questions?

It might be a matter of focusing on the area that you are weakest in. Once you have scores at passing level, move on to the next area of weakness. Continue this pattern until your scores are higher and you feel better about the content.

I'm not an expert, so hopefully more people will chime in here with more ideas.

Best of luck to you!

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Have you completed the trainers? And yes like the person above asked what else are you doing or have you done to review? Ultimately if you feel you need more time i would go with it. I learned from my past experiences but if you are doing alot to prepare it could also just be your nerves because test day is coming up. Just keep studying and see how you feel in a few days. There's no rush


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It was my first time to answer Kaplan Questions and it is way difficult than the Saunders. I already finished the Question Trainers 1-7. Highest score was 56% and my lowest was 46%. I also have the 35 page nclex guide that I just saw online. I think I would have to go through some of the contents in the book again. I am not doing well with pharma and SATA questions. Thanks for the help @NurseBreathesLife and @Jae6!

Update: I've read that a lot of people here who took nclex used the pda, so what I did was I borrowed an ebook from the central library! Will be practicing more questions. Thanks again!

How did you do on question trainer 7? I heard that one offers the most realistic NCLEX experience.

Have you done the RN Sample exams or created your own Q Bank test yet?

If not, you might feel better after doing more questions and reviewing all of the answers. Also, maybe watch the videos on the areas that you score the lowest.

Saunders is good, just different. Looked at exam cram and felt the questions were good, but not as difficult as Kaplan.

If you aren't feeling better next week, you can always change your test date to allow yourself more time to review. As the other poster mentioned, you might just be getting a little bit nervous as you get closer to your big day.

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Kaplan says that they like to see your average between 60 and 65%. I have known a lot of people pass it with qbank scores in the high 50s. What does the readiness test show? I would say to postpone and keep studying if that isn't around 55% or higher.


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Hi, i would suggest you do a little more review to improve your scores! There's no need to rush to take this exam and waste $200..so my advise to you is to review a little more and then take the exam. All the best :)


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Just by reading your topic, I feel as if though you are trying to just rush and take this exam. If you feel unprepared, don't take it just yet. Take some time to go over everything you feel you are weak in. Go through questions, review what you got wrong and right. Review each question individually. Set aside a notebook; write down your weakest areas. Practice questions from Kaplan not only once, not only twice, but 3 times. This worked for me. You are paying for this exam. 200$ is not a little bit of money. Even if you take a month longer to review what you feel weak in, I'm pretty sure it'll pay off. Review you SATA questions. There is great book out there that deals strictly with SATA and alternate types of questions: Lippincott's Alternate Questions Book. I feel if you know how to answer the SATA questions with confidence and knowledge, then you will conquer the NCLEX. Just don't rush. It took me a good 3-4 months to learn how to tackle the NCLEX questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


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I would do trainers 6 and 7 over if you scored low and review every rationale right or wrong and look up what you dont know. Kaplan is a great source that I stand by in my opinion but you have to utilize it to the fullest and not skip around. Like someone else said watch the videos.the one on pharm helped me alot and i didnt struggle with pharm on my test at all. I did struggle with priority which is why i purchased the pda book and im glad you got it as well. From what i hear it is very helpful. I have the lippincott alternate format book as well and if you are weak with sata defiantly get it. Once again dont rush and be regretful take your time and make sure you are efficient in everything because not passing is no fun :( good luck with your studies, you can do it!