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A couple of weeks ago, someone posted here saying that she needed money for her last semester of school. I recommended that she have a yard sale and ask friends and family to help out. Yesterday I got a call from the Director of the Practical Nursing Program that I will be attending in the fall. She said that she just realized that I would have to take a Biology course this summer in order to start the program in the fall :cry:. Classes start this Tuesday, June 2nd. Which means I need $258 plus the cost of my book. Which would be just fine if I wasn't moving Sunday, May 31st. So I don't have the cash.

I went home last night, sick, trying to figure out what to do. My home is completely in boxes and in the dining room is everything that I set aside for trash pick up on friday. Suddenly all that trash looked like treasure, Yard Sale Saturday:yeah:. So I called up all my in laws this morning asking for donations, shirts, shoes, tennis balls, knickknacks, anything. I hope it all works out. Pray for me everyone, I'll post monday and let you all know how it turned out.


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Good luck with the move and the yard sale! We move tomorrow and I a SO excited. Except for the fact that our closing costs were $7,000 when they were estimated to be about $5,000 :crying2: Oh well. I am trying to let the excitement of moving into our very first home outweigh the $2000 loss...


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I hope you make enough money! Good luck!

Aw, if you lived nearby you could have some of my stuff... I've been collecting a few things for yard sale myself... waffle iron... sports stuff... Do you have a church that you go to? many churches have "needs boards" where you can post immediate needs (like, free moving services to keep the cost of moving down, or straight up help for buying textbooks for school!). Lots of people would be happy to contribute to such a good cause.


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Thanks for the kind words. Everyone that I know, knows how bad I want to be an LPN. The whole reason I'm moving is to knock $300/mo off of my rent so that I can pay for school (Bye Bye Big pretty house, hello to my knew God sent match box :D) I've asked everyone for donations, even the ones that I know would lend me the money if I asked. When it's all done and over I'm pretty sure they will help me out. I just want to do all that I can first. God helps those who help themselves ya know. Keep the prayers coming.

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