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I'm a 28 yr old wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. This recession has scared me into following my heart. I've always wanted to be a nurse and thought that there couldn't be a better time. So here I go!!!

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  1. VaStudentNurse

    Taking My Own Advice

    Thanks for the kind words. Everyone that I know, knows how bad I want to be an LPN. The whole reason I'm moving is to knock $300/mo off of my rent so that I can pay for school (Bye Bye Big pretty house, hello to my knew God sent match box ) I've asked everyone for donations, even the ones that I know would lend me the money if I asked. When it's all done and over I'm pretty sure they will help me out. I just want to do all that I can first. God helps those who help themselves ya know. Keep the prayers coming.
  2. VaStudentNurse

    Taking My Own Advice

    A couple of weeks ago, someone posted here saying that she needed money for her last semester of school. I recommended that she have a yard sale and ask friends and family to help out. Yesterday I got a call from the Director of the Practical Nursing Program that I will be attending in the fall. She said that she just realized that I would have to take a Biology course this summer in order to start the program in the fall . Classes start this Tuesday, June 2nd. Which means I need $258 plus the cost of my book. Which would be just fine if I wasn't moving Sunday, May 31st. So I don't have the cash. I went home last night, sick, trying to figure out what to do. My home is completely in boxes and in the dining room is everything that I set aside for trash pick up on friday. Suddenly all that trash looked like treasure, Yard Sale Saturday:yeah:. So I called up all my in laws this morning asking for donations, shirts, shoes, tennis balls, knickknacks, anything. I hope it all works out. Pray for me everyone, I'll post monday and let you all know how it turned out.
  3. VaStudentNurse

    I need a Miracle !

    I'm so happy for you. God is Good, All the Time.
  4. VaStudentNurse

    ESCC Fall 09 Roll Call, Sound Off

    I've been searching the site looking for the ESCC Fall 09 LPN class. There are only 26 of us, so it would be nice to know who some of you are. Sound Off!!! Acceptance Letters Rock!!!
  5. VaStudentNurse

    I need a Miracle !

    Yes, it is definitely time to get on the grind.
  6. VaStudentNurse

    I need a Miracle !

    Sell it All, I know exactly how you feel. I'll be starting an LPN program in the fall, but in order to do that I have to make huge sacrafices to pay for school. I work full time, and I just got a night job. I'll be moving my family out of our beautiful home june 1st ($800/mo rent) and moving into a tiny 3 bedroom ($550/mo) until I complete school. This moves is costing more than I anticipated, but I need to make sure that I have fall tuition. Last night I decided that I will have to sell my living room set. It's an amazing set and I never thought that I could part with it, but I need to go to school desperately so, Everything must go. Look around your home, there may be treasure there. 42" TV? Excercise Equipment? Dining room set? Yes you may go through the next semester with a bare home, But you'll get a great job and be able to replace those things easily. Have a garage sale, if family members can't help with $ ask them to donate an item or two for the garage sale. Maybe they have excercise equipment or an old TV they can contribute. GL to you.
  7. VaStudentNurse

    Is My Class Schedule Normal??

    Hi Everyone, I hear a lot of you saying that you're currently taking your pre-req's or completed pre-req's and are waiting for a reply from the school of your choice. I'm posting my class schedule below because I'm wondering if this is unusual. It seems as though my prereq's are included in the LPN course. Is this typical? I'm really excited, I'm wondering if everyone's course sequence is similar to mine. Fall Semester: 4 PNE 155 Body Structure and Function (A&P) 1 SDV 101 Orientation to Health Careers 3 ENG 111 College Composition I (I have these credits) 6 PNE 161 Nursing in Health Changes I 3 PSY 200 Principles of Psychology (I have these credit as well) 17 (total) Spring Semester: 1 HLT 130 Nutrition and Diet Therapy 11 PNE 162 Nursing in Health Changes II 2 PNE 173 Pharmacology for Practical Nurses 3 PSY 235 Child Psychology 17 (total) Summer Semester: 10 PNE 163 Nursing in Health Changes III 1 PNE 145 Trends in Practical Nursing I 2 PNE 174 Applied Pharmacology for Practical Nurses 13 (total) Total Credit Hours 47 Total lab Hours 585 Total Lecture Hours 525 (LPN) Is this Normal? My acceptance letter arrived in the mail Wednesday. I'm not sure what my PSB scores were and now it's starting to drive me insane not knowing. Is it too early to call the school and try to find out what my scores were, or should I just wait until orientation, Aug. 14th
  8. VaStudentNurse

    Student Uniform - My Gosh!

    :imbar oh my, I hadn't considered what my uniform will be in the fall. Well I figured white pants, button up nursing top, but never did I consider the horrid nursing dress and WHITE STOCKINGS. I'm scared :imbar
  9. VaStudentNurse

    Fall 09 hopefuls?

    This is so very exciting. I received my acceptance letter yesterday . I've typed my acceptance letter back to the school and have it sitting on my desk right now. Next I'll have to schedule a physical, take a CPR class before August 14th, get student liability insurance (wooo hooo only $29/yr), Enroll in Nursing in Health Changes I, get a criminal background/drug test ($69 ), and attend orientation June 15, 2009 (Priceless). Congrats to everyone who has received and will receive acceptance letters, I wish you all the best!!!
  10. VaStudentNurse

    How long of a commute do you/will you have to your school

    I live across the street from my school. Starting LPN to RN this fall. I guess it can't get any better than that!!!
  11. VaStudentNurse

    ESCC I Received My Acceptance Letter

    Thank You, I celebrated last night, my mother in-law cooked a big dinner and the entire family was there. It was great. I woke up this morning with the letter next to my pillow, lol. I think I'll have it framed.
  12. VaStudentNurse

    PSB Examination

    My school didn't allow calculators, but trust me when I tell you that it's basic math with a few very simple fractions. I took the PSB test last monday 5/4/09. I must have done something right because I received my acceptance letter in the mail this morning (starting this fall ) . Everything is pretty easy except for the Natural Science section. I recommend that you stay calm in that section. If you have a strong foundation you will notice that 2 of the 4 answers make no sense at all, then you're left with 2 choices, and if all else fails, at least you know you have a 50/50 shot. GL
  13. VaStudentNurse

    ESCC I Received My Acceptance Letter

    Hi Everyone, I'm so happy to announce that I received my acceptance letter. I start in August. 3 semesters to LPN then 2 more semesters to RN. This is so amazing. There are only 26 students accepted each year, I know that the chances are slim to none, but if anyone else was accepted to ESCC, I'd love to hear from you.
  14. VaStudentNurse

    Does Anyone Know How Students Are Chosen?

    Thanks for the advise. I guess I'm just super nervous. They were just all so young, I'm 28. I just don't want to get penalized because I took most of the prereq's centuries ago, lol or what seems like centuries ago. I just want a fair shot.
  15. Hi everyone, I applied for the LPN course at my local community college. I live in a very small town. There were only 76 applicants, but the school only accepts 26 students each year. I took the PSB exam Monday, May 4th and it seemed like everyone there knew the Program Director pretty well. As it would turn out, most of them are already enrolled in the college and taking prereq's. I scored very well on all of my placement tests (97% & higher) and I have other college credits that transfered over so that if I'm acccepted in the fall, I would only need to attend part time. I thought that I had an advantage over most because I didn't need any prereqs, but now I'm scared that they will get accepted just because they're already enrolled. The program director seems like a very nice women, but in this small town, it's not what you know, it's who you know. Does anyone know how students are chosen? I'm pretty sure it's not from the PSB scores alone. I think I did pretty well on those by the way. She won't release our scores though until the class is chosen, which should be today or monday. Does anyone have any advise?
  16. VaStudentNurse

    Inexperienced at Online Classes

    I took psych 1 & 2 online and it was great. The professor posted all assignments and the class was split into teams for the most part. All tests are usually open book of course, who's there to stop you. One thing I always recommend for online courses is to read the text book and all of the extra info that comes with it (CD ROMs, etc). This is definitely something that you can teach to yourself. If you're looking to make time for other courses that you prefer to take on campus, Psych is definitely one that can be learned online, and its fun too!!!