Taking out a loan to pay for childcare during nursing school?

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I just finished up my junior year in a bsn program, and found out that I'm pregnant. It was unplanned, the condom broke and I guess my backup (VCF contraceptive film) isn't as effective as it claims. I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'll be due in December and will have to complete my last 5 month semester next Spring w/ a newborn. Im doing some research and realize that childcare is the highest expense for young children the first few years. Unfortunately, in the Wash D.C. area the range is from 1000 (home daycare on craigslist) per month to 2300 (day care center) per month which I don't even make during the school year because I work only weekends. I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to take out loans to cover daycare expenses during that last semester? Additionally, I have very no help support from family, so honestly just trying to figure out if this is at all doable. Everyone in my classes have suggested just getting an abortion, but I'm just trying to figure out an alternative since I wonder how I would recover from that emotionally/mentally.

Thank you.

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Most states have assistance programs for low-income families. You should check to see if you can get daycare assistance before resorting to loans. I don't see anything wrong with using loans to get through your last semester of school though if needed.

In addition to looking up assistance programs, talk to your school. A lot of schools have programs to help in this area.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Adoption is an option to consider too..

I am not sure what your relationship with the father is like, but perhaps you can make arrangements with him to help offset the costs and for child support.

I also want to second that checking with your school, seeking out assistance programs, and adoption (open or closed) are also viable options if you do not want to get an abortion. I have gotten to know a number of women who have had abortions, and there are support groups out there to help.

You'll definitely be in my thoughts. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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What is your relationship with the father? Are you married? Perhaps he can increase his income by picking up some extra work -- starting now to save up the money for when you will need it. Or perhaps you have some things you can sell to generate some money to help minimize the size of the loan you will need.

Any loans you get should not be in your name alone. The father should be at least equally responsible for the care of the child, should you decide to keep it. He should also be paying for at least 50% of your medical bills, etc. Is he already doing those things?

Can you finish your BSN online?

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