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Taking Kaplan Again?


do you think it's a good idea to get Kaplan again if one didn't pass the first time? :confused:

racing-mom4, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU/ER.

do you have to pay the 2nd time around? If not then I would, if you do, I probably would not.

Just out of curiosity, how many test questions did you take prior to taking nclex? I am a believer in that is the key to passing. I dont think you can do too many test questions at home.

I think the anxiety of boards is more difficult than the test itself, and by doing thousands of practice questions you lower your anxiety level.

Best of luck...

I had 75 questions on first try....feel I do need to purchase it again though....:(

racing-mom4, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU/ER.

I did not find this board till after I passed Nclex. However I have heard many success stories of using Suzannes plan and that is by using Saunders.

To prepare for my boards I did thousands of practice questions in a 3 week span out of Davis/Saunders and Mosbys, in that order.

I feel that the more practice questions you do the better prepared you will feel and thus your anxiety level will be lower.

I believe that programs such as Hurst/Kaplans and ATI that charge you for a week long cram session only feed off the anxiety that you are experiencing.

You made it through nursing school which alone is something to be proud of. The knowledge is all there in your head you just need to be able to relax enough to retrieve it.

Best of luck---I can not imagine the frustration and disappointment you must be feeling. You are not alone as you will see perusing through this board.

labrador4122, RN

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do you think it's a good idea to get Kaplan again if one didn't pass the first time? :confused:

Honestly, I had kaplan, and I did everything 100% plus listen to helen feuer, read HESI, and did extra questions from ALICE STEIN book nclex review.

and when I mean everything.... I mean everything. I read that blue course book 5x, I listen to the helen feuer lecture 3x, I did alice stein all 8 100Q test at the end, I re-did all the 2k questions that come from kaplan untill I got every single question right.

I passed 75Q first time.

So if you did that... everything that comes with kaplan course, and just really focused on that. THen perhaps you need to try a different approach.

if you only did Q's of the kaplan course, and not read the book a few times, and not did the questions untill you got every single one of them right..... then re-try kaplan, and do everything that comes with the course.

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