Taking my CNA exam tomorrow 08/04/11


Hello all,

I am new to the forum, live in Oklahoma and decided to join after observing the site for a few days. I am looking forward to being a part of the forums (even if its just to give/receive information) on my way to becoming an RN. Well my first question is , I am taking my CNA exam tomorrow and wanting to see if anyone has some advice or particular things to focus on. :D Thanks!

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I just took mine yesterday and was so nervous all weekend. We were given a list of the Skills from our Instructor, with a step by step explanation on how to perform them.

I do better with short details, so I rewrote them in a way that made it easier for me.

Just focus on safety! Wash hands, call bell, lower bed when done with resident, side rails if used. Non-skid shoes if ambulating and privacy!!! Pull curtain. Work on Resident slowly and gently with lots of eye contact and interaction.

Prometric was our Tester. Skills didn't have to be performed perfectly (I forgot an Upper ROM exercise), but safety, interaction, and clean technique are very important. Good luck!

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I'm in Oklahoma too! Just wanted to wish you luck!!



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good luck!


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Don't forget to say "I washed my hands," glove when necessary, provide privacy, give call bell, put bed back in low position, say "I washed my hands" again when done. Try to relax it isn't as nerve racking once you start & the written exam questions are basically common sense, so read them carefully before answering. Good Luck! ;)