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Starletta has 2 years experience as a CNA and specializes in CNA.

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  1. Unfortunately, my sister isn't very hands on when it comes to my mother's care. I did get a resolution though. I called the P.A. who comes to the Nursing Home and she totally understood my concerns and wrote out a "Consult" sheet. :) So I calle...
  2. I was reading the post about Day vs. Night shifts and have a question, between 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. My Certification expired and I have to re-test and was going to ask the same question. :) I haven't yet worked in a Nursing home and was goin...
  3. Thank you very much! My sister is her "Power of Attorney", but honestly, never questions anything. My mom made my sister POA in the 1980's. I'm the one who questions when things don't look right. Example: Her briefs were soaked, causing my mom ...
  4. As the title says: Can you take a family member out of a LTC facility for an appointment with a Physician of your choice? My mom is in a Nursing Home (long term) and I rarely, if at all see the Home's Physician or his P.A. He also has a G.P. Practi...
  5. Night shift or day shift ?

    Curious, as it is generally 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift. Not just day vs. night. My Certification expired and I have to re-test and was going to ask the same question. :) I haven't yet worked in a Nursing home and was going to ask about all...
  6. Scared!!

    I assume they didn't require you to have a Drug Screen as well?
  7. I'm a *young* :) 54 yr old and have been trying to get into some of the local Hospitals for ages... I've applied for Cleaning (Environmental Tech) positions, Transport Tech, everything that doesn't require a degree. I complete the on-line applic...
  8. Does your facility ask you to sleep over when it snows?

    I live in Connecticut, and people called out at the slightest amount of snow, burdening the rest of us with an extra workload. My former boss finally said, "You all live in New England, get used to it." I'd never live in a "Snow" region without an...
  9. tiffinij, do you work in the city? That's a very good salary! I live in CT and could never, ever live off the average $11-$13 that most CNA's make around here. Even being married, it would be difficult.
  10. CPR certification in okc

    Would your current employer pay for it?
  11. Home Hospice CNA ? Salary Question.

    Duskyjewel, Thank you very much for the information. I never heard of , but I'll certainly check it out. I see you specialize in Hospice Care, so I'll probably have more questions if you don't mind. Missingyou, I see that you are fro...
  12. Home Hospice CNA ? Salary Question.

    I'm hoping someone can help me decide on a career path. I was Certified, but expired as I choose to work somewhere else in the Health Care Field. Checked with my State and can re-test to become certified without taking the course again. I do NOT wa...
  13. Has anyone ever been a self-employed CNA?

    Thank you Tom... I would not employ anyone and would be doing this solo. My husband also has a side business (LLC) and has to pay State Income Tax. He is the sole employee of his entity. He also suggested meeting with our Accountant. I would have t...
  14. Has anyone ever started their own LLC Company (self-employed) as a CNA/Senior Helper? I'm 51 and graduated from the American Red Cross CNA program this summer. After working at companies for 20 years, I'd like to be my own boss. I live in a semi-rur...
  15. Thank you for the explanations. :) I guess it is time to start sending out resumes. :)