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Another topic about all 3 shifts. Not just Day vs. Night


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I was reading the post about Day vs. Night shifts and have a question, between 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift.

My Certification expired and I have to re-test and was going to ask the same question. :) I haven't yet worked in a Nursing home and was going to ask about all three shifts and what is the difference, as far as type of work, on the three shifts.

I'm the type of person who likes to start learning slowly, then working my way up.

Wondering what is done:

7am - 3pm

3pm - 11pm

11pm- 7am

Thank you.


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Hi Starletta,

7a-3p was my least favorite shift, but was also the shift that seemed to go the quickest. In my opinion, it is also the most difficult because right when you get there, you're hustling to get the remaining people out of bed, assist others with restroom needs, oral cares, etc. Then you're rushing everyone to the dining room, helping take orders for breakfast, help feed those who need help, and still need to pass room trays and help those who need the restroom. After breakfast comes more restroom needs and showers/baths/helping people get in bed for naps or get to the activity for the day and charting. Then comes lunch and you do it all over again.

3p-11p was my favorite. I liked it the best because I could sleep in (or get some things done) and have plenty of time before going in. Also really helpful if you're in school because you can take morning classes and still make it to work on time. When you get there, bathing the remaining residents who need it, restroom needs, and preparing them for dinner (which always seemed to be a lot more easygoing than breakfast and lunch). After dinner is just getting people ready for and into bed and more charting. Usually I had just about everyone who needed assistance in bed by 9 so that gave the last two hours plenty of time to pass towels and water and continue to answer lights.

11p-7a This always seemed like the easiest shift for me, but it's not always right for everyone because staying awake all night can be difficult. Usually by the time I got there, everyone would be in bed that would need assistance and those still up would put their light on if they needed something. It basically consists of wheelchair cleaning and consistent rounds to ensure everyone is okay and are clean and dry as well as charting. 5:30 is usually the beginning wake up time for those who need help and it starts picking up as far as being busy goes.

I'd start off on the 3-11 shift if I were you. I may be biased because it was my favorite shift, but it always seemed a little slower (not always) than the morning shift and you can get the hang of different routines and people a little easier. I also liked it because it gave me enough time to actually have a conversation with the people I was caring for. The morning shift is just go-go-go the entire time with not a moment to breathe, much less converse with someone for a time.

Well I work 3-11 pm and it's not easy neither slow , I don't get Any down time , since i get 10-12 patients and most of them aren't ambulatory , takes a lot for someone to help me , and patients are heavy as Rocks, 8 hrs shift sometimes it's not enough for me . I don't have even my 30 min lunch .

But you know... That is in my case everyone it's different. And depends on the facility you work.

I like sleeping in and being able to sleep during the night, but I don't like 3-11 shift because you can't do anything socially if most of your friends are only available between 5 and 9 pm. Can't go to evening book clubs, game nights or other such gatherings. I miss volunteering at my food pantry as they only hand out food in the evenings. I'm always working. I prefer 11-7 as you can sleep before or after activities before going to work.