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Taking chemistry before biology

Hi guys,

I was wondering if I should take intro to chemistry befor General biology or not.

In my school chemistry is not a prerequisite for biology.

Would knowing chemistry make understanding General biology easier? I was not good at chemistry in high school but biology was interesting to me. (Got an A in biology and C in chemistry)

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I am in human bio right now, and honestly I don't think it really matters what you do. I did NOT have to take chemistry, but I did cover a bit of it in my A&P classes.

At least in my biology class, we don't use a whole lot of chemistry at all.

I'd say you're fine either way you choose.

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Taking General Chemistry was helpful in physiology (e.g. acid/base balance in blood, action potentials, etc.). It was also helpful in Microbiology when learning the Kreb's cycle. But I agree with the above. It was not helpful for general biology. I found Organic Chem to be the most helpful when it came to Pathophysiology, but schools seem to vary on this across the county. Where I live, you had to take 2 semesters of Gen Chem before you could take Organic Chem.

The general biology courses I have taught have always begun with a crash course in first-semester general chemistry. The hierarchy of organization, the biological macromolecules, energetics of reactions, pH balance, and metabolism are all more digestible if you have a good grasp of basic chemistry. You absolutely can be successful taking biology and then chemistry, but if your goal is to really internalize and learn the information, my opinion is that chemistry before biology is the correct order.

I'm taking biology and chemistry now with labs in each. Chemistry is harder and I don't believe chemistry will help with biology.

I never took chemistry and am nearly done with anatomy and physiology 2. If you don't need to take it don't! I've gotten through with A's and can't imagine why I would have ever needed to take it.


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