taking chem and mircorbio together = good/bad idea?

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Hi all,

So i have decided that i am going to go back to school to be a nurse and i will be taking the first step this upcoming Fall semeter. I do have another degree, so i have a lot of the prereqs required for the program i will be applying for but i do need to take Microbiology and Chemistry and i was wondering if i should take them together or seperate. i am a little concerned because a. its been almost 5 years since i took my last class and b. i have an infant at home that i care for so i am not sure how its going to work out. any idea will be appreciated...:)


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Chem was a pre-req for micro at our school. With an infant at home, I would take it in two semesters.


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Be smart and take them one at a time. Save your money.:wink2:


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Chem was a pre-req for micro at our school. With an infant at home, I would take it in two semesters.

its the same for the schools im applying for, chem is a prereq for micro. i did take chem for my other degree but i got a D in it (ouch) and so i figure i should retake it...it would be nice if i didnt have to though but i dont think they'd accept D and let me take micro straight away. ah well, i think u right though taking it one at a time i will be able to dedicate more time to study on each. the only thing is i wanted to apply for nursing school for the fall 2010 and wanted to take both prereqs and get it over with now i prolly have to apply with micro pending and i fear that may hurt my chances because my science gpa could use a little boosting...i have a C in A&P1 and a b

+ in A&P2 im also reconsidering taking A&P1 for better grade but im not sure if that matters because the schools im looking at says they look at such things (meaning repeated grades) so confusing this nursing stuff i tell ya, lol thanks for ur advice if u have any more, im all ears :)

At my school you have to take chemistry before you even take A&P (assuming you never took it in high school). But chemistry at my school isn't a part of the program, only a pre-req for taking A&P so they don't count the grade...luckily because I hated it, lol. But anyway....if it were me, I wouldn't take it with micro either. I'm sorry I'm not much help, lol. Good luck!

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