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Its been over a year since I graduated from nursing school. all my friends have passed except me---how sick is that for me. I heard the longer out of school that chance of passing boards decreased. I felt that I have invest 3 years of wasted time to be a nurse and I can not even passed boards! I have taken boards more than 3 times. I have used Kaplan and hurst review. I was looking at feuer review but know nothing of how good it is. I was thinking to purchase the pharm CD from feuer. I recently took boards in Nov and did not passed, my scores were all near passing. I am soooo sick of that stupid exam. I feel like I can NEVER passed. I am frustrated and sick of studying. I have been reading the posting about suzanne plan. I dont know if it will ever work for me. seriously!!! I dont think I will ever Pass! I feel like I am the world stupid test taker!!! I started as a GN and got demoted to a NA on my floor. How humiliating for that! I was planning to take it in Jan or Feb of 2008 but I am afraid of failing again! please help! any good advice would be nice! anyone in similar situation?

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please don't ever give up.. you will pass. i took the kaplan course and it really helped me with boards. there is also suzanne's plan. my prayers are with you..keep me updated on how you are doing..never never give up.. as long as you are breathing you have a chance.


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Don't let the NCLEX defeat you. I also failed numerous times and I will be sitting for the exam again this month. Try Suzanne plan, read it on the sticky notes! You have to stay strong and positive. God will not put no more on you than he know you can bear. I also feel like I am the only one from my class that has not passed the test yet. I know that my ultimate goal is to be an RN so I have to fight hard for it. I know its not easy when you have taken it so many times and keep getting the same results. Take your time with studying and you will accomplish your goal. This is a great place to communicate with others and to get support.


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try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try!!! well it means dont lose hope,you can do it! just pray and keep on focus! you're not alone...theres a lot of success stories took nclex so many times...good luck!:Santa3:


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Don't give up. Keep trying and trying. You will pass. There was a story about someone who didn't pass until her 8th or 9th try. What if she had given up after the 7th take? Eventually you will pass. Just take a deep breath and start your study schedule over. Most people find Suzanne's plan to work, so try that this time. Good luck. We're all rooting for you.


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Your story sounds similar to mine. Just know that you are not alone in this process. Everyone is right, if you stop, then you have failed. Keep going and keep trying until you become an RN.

I graduated May of 06, and I didn't PASS Nclex for the 4th time in November. I have cried and cried over this, but I pulled myself together and I will be testing again in Jan or Feb. I won't stop until I become an RN and you shouldn't either.

I would recommend doing Suzanne's Plan. I am doing her plan right now and it has a very high success rate. If you have any other questions you can PM me.

Remember, NEVER GIVE UP...



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You will be ok!!! I just passed last week and it was my third time. I never thought that the day was going to come!!! Just stick with it and believe in yourself. Looking back at the whole experience I truly think that the biggest thing that was holding me back was my lack of mental confidence in myself. Just take a deep breath and trust that you got through nursing school for a reason. YOU WILL BE A NURSE!!!


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im also testing this week for the third time, i also feel like that day will never come for me to be an RN!. but i must bilieve in myself and u have to bilieve in ur self that u will be an RN! and u will! never give up! this time i hope i pass, and if i don't i have to keep trying. good luck! :)



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I know someone who took the NCLEX numerous times (maybe more than 10) - in a span of eight years. She finally passed, and is now working as an RN.


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wow 8 years! i dont know if i can hang on to taking the nclex for that long!!!! ahhh i hope u pass friday!!!!! :(

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