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  1. Nurses in Michigan have said staffing levels impact patients and workers negatively, with 42% stating in a 2023 survey that they can relate patient death to shortages. The Michigan Nurses Association conducted the survey, with its results report...
  2. Heather Radder

    Safe Staffing Saves Lives

    Have you ever been in a hospital where finding a nurse to help the patients was difficult? The feeling of not having enough nurses and nurses' aides to care for yourself or a loved one can be very scary. Adequate staffing is pertinent to quality pati...
  3. Even esteemed Mayo Clinic reassigning researchers to patient care after 900+ employees contracted COVID-19 in the last two weeks! ABC News Nov.21, 2020 Hospitals nationwide face shortage of medical staff amid spike in COVID-19 cases
  4. The Real War Against COVID-19 in America

    By Natalia Dabrowska, MSN-CNL, RN Change for the FutureIn all the craziness in the midst of COVID-19, it is easy to only focus on the present, but we cannot forget to elicit change for the future as well. If we don’t do it now, it may never be done. ...