Almost Half of Michigan Nurses Relate Patient Death to Staff Shortages, Survey Reports

A recent survey has found that 42% of nurses in Michigan attribute patient death to staff shortages. News

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Nurses in Michigan have said staffing levels impact patients and workers negatively, with 42% stating in a 2023 survey that they can relate patient death to shortages.

The Michigan Nurses Association conducted the survey, with its results reported by Mlive.

Safe Patient Care Act

A package of bills known as the Safe Patient Care Act was proposed on May 11 to limit the number of patients a nurse can care for at a time, limit mandatory overtime, and mandate that hospitals disclose nurse-to-patient ratios publicly.

Health advocates who oppose the proposed bills have said they can potentially harm hospitals by preventing patients from accessing care, with a joint statement reading, "Instituting a one-size-fits-all mandate requiring hospitals hire more nurses who do not currently exist will limit the services hospitals can offer to their communities, prolong the time it takes for a patient to receive care, and hinder the ability of hospitals to respond to a crisis in fear of violating Michigan law.”

Currently, no laws limit patient numbers or hours nurses can work.

Future Action

Instead of passing the proposed bills, the Michigan Health and Hospital Association and Michigan Organization of Nurse Leaders have proposed the following:

  • Introduce legislation allowing nurses to practice in all member states and territories of the Nurse Licensure Compact.
  • Expand eligibility for the Michigan Reconnect program to receive scholarships to complete certificate programs at no to low cost.
  • Increase fines for individuals who commit violent acts toward healthcare workers.

Related: Nearly One-Third of U.S. Registered Nurses Plan to Quit, According to Survey

This news comes to us following another survey conducted by AMN Healthcare Sevices Inc. that examined the impact COVID-19 had on the career plans, satisfaction, and mental health of 18,000 registered nurses in the US. It's main findings are the following:

  • 30% of the surveyed RNs plan to quit their careers.
  • 15% of hospital nurses say they will continue in the same job in one year.
  • More nurses are experiencing a great deal of stress.
  • Career satisfaction dropped to 71% after previously holding 80-85% for a decade.

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