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  1. lex_rn

    Damaged Goods

    So one year, I ruined Thanksgiving. Not on purpose. It's just that I worked Thanksgiving Eve, which means my work shift rolled into Thanksgiving day. And there we are at the end of our shift, smiling, Snapchatting turkey messages, talking about how l...
  2. kbswife

    Body fluids and death

    I wanted to know if it is true that when a person dies do all of their body fluids release? ie: urine, feces, blood??? And also, how did you cope the first time a pt. died?
  3. The patient came in by ambulance after a motor vehicle accident. His body was intact because the impact had not been severe, but it appeared he had had a medical event that precipitated the crash and the team was getting no response to their all-out ...
  4. As 2015 was nearing its end, so too was my final semester of nursing school. My mood was good. I already had a job lined up, and I felt fairly confident that I would do fine on my final exams. Some time in those final weeks, however, a surge of anxie...
  5. Hellllllo Nurse

    The Phone Call from Beyond

    About twelve years ago, I was working nights as an LPN at an inpatient hospice unit. It was a quiet night. I was sitting in a patient's room with the patient and her family. I will call the patient "Gladys." Gladys was quietly actively dying, and...