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  1. Corey Narry

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    Case Study Objectives Present a simulated case as it evolves over time. Encourage open discussion from nurses that represent a variety of specialties. Promote learning based on the: details of the case evaluation o...
  2. JanineKelbach

    A Day In The Life Of An OB Charge Nurse

    "All you do is sit around until a baby is born," "your job must be great, all you do is sit and hold babies", "be happy, you're in the happy part of the hospital." I have heard it all. My job as an OB charge nurse is nothing like sitting around, hold...
  3. Nurses are teachers. We are always answering questions for our patients, no matter how strange they are. We do it in a professional manner, and never make the patient feel stupid. That being said, there are questions we receive in our daily work that...