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  1. Emmalee Miller, age 82, is brought into the Emergency Department by a concerned neighbor. The patient is a widow with mild Alzheimer's dementia, who used to live alone in her own house until about three months ago, when her unemployed son came to liv...
  2. traumaRUs

    Webcams in Nursing Homes?

    What happens when your parents get older and can no longer care for themselves? What happens if a catastrophic event occurs? They fall, break a hip and can't go back to their previous living arrangement? Yikes! What do you do? Okay, so you have decid...
  3. Melissa Mills

    Nursing Home Resident Taunted by CNAs

    Leaving your mother or grandmother in a long-term care facility is challenging. For one Illinois family, it turned into a nightmare. A video taken in December of 2018 showed two certified nursing assistants taunting resident, Margaret Collins with a ...
  4. hppygr8ful

    Nurses Aid arrested

    Makes me sick Costa Mesa Police: Hidden Camera Captured 91-Year-Old Bedridden Woman Being Hit 150 TImes In 4 Hours; Caregiver Arrested