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  1. jakrob123

    When to get covid tested?

    A friend of mine got exposed to covid-19 on October 31st (this friend went to a halloween party....sigh). When should they get tested? I've heard different people say 1) to get tested ASAP or 2) wait 5 days (just in case for false negative) - g...
  2. Guest973564


  3. ganurses123

    Curious about Covid testing

    Have you ever done or seen a Covid test done with a trach sample?
  4. bossfrog

    Got my antibody test results

    Back in mid-December to mid-January I had what I thought was a strange cold. I had a cough that was productive with an expectorant but only minimal nasal drainage or congestion. It would get better for a few days, then come back bad again for 4 or ...
  5. Krl25

    Covid testing in CBRF

    Just have a question regarding testing residents in a CBRF in Wisconsin. I was asked as the facility RN to administer the tests, however there are no policy/procedures in place for this. Am I over thinking this, or should the company have something i...
  6. catherine19

    Getting Tested for Covid

    I work on a Postpartum floor where we do couplet care. I have a child who had a 103 degree temp Friday, and Saturday. On Thursday she didn't have diarrhea but 6+ dirty diapers, same for Friday. She also has congestion/ coughing now. My toddler had a ...
  7. This is a post concerning Covid 19. I work in two hospitals. As we all know patients are now coming to the hospital for non-covid related medical conditions and elective surgeries. Both hospitals I work at are testing admitted patients for Covid 19 a...
  8. Medscape Nurses June 22, 2020 Nurses' Lawsuit Claims 'Fabricated' COVID-19 Tests at Georgia Hospital Nurses' Lawsuit Claims 'Fabricated' COVID-19 Tests at Georgia Hospital
  9. tnbutterfly - Mary

    A Personal Valet to the President Tests Positive

    I wonder when this valet was previously tested. It may serve to point out that daily/frequent testing of WH contacts does not mean they don't need to wear masks or take additional precautions. Staffers are rarely seen wearing masks when in the West...
  10. GLORIAmunchkin72


    How many times do they have to shove something up your nose in order to know if you have it or not (COVID19)? I'm refering to the people who test positive one day and negative the next.
  11. I'm a nursing student in Canada, I have a job as a home care HCA this Summer for a private company. I have one main client I care for a few days per week and a second I care for once weekly. I developed a cough, sore throat, and runny nose 2 days ago...