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  1. bossfrog

    Got my antibody test results

    Back in mid-December to mid-January I had what I thought was a strange cold. I had a cough that was productive with an expectorant but only minimal nasal drainage or congestion. It would get better for a few days, then come back bad again for 4 or 5 days. It cycled like this 3 or 4 times. I had some deep congestion in my chest where I could hear and feel some wheezes while exhaling after a deep breath. After about 4 weeks it was finally gone. I haven't had a single day where I felt under the weather since, but I've been curious if that could have been coronavirus. So I went to Labcorp and got myself tested for antibodies last week. I got the results yesterday and I was POSITIVE for the antibodies. So here I sit with confirmation that either I had it back in January, or I had it later and was asymptomatic. Either way, I am negative for the virus itself now. So I'm wondering if anyone else has had the antibody test and if so were you unexpectedly positive?
  2. Krl25

    Covid testing in CBRF

    Just have a question regarding testing residents in a CBRF in Wisconsin. I was asked as the facility RN to administer the tests, however there are no policy/procedures in place for this. Am I over thinking this, or should the company have something in place before we perform these? I work mainly as a home health RN which provides policy/procedure for everything, so this is hard to comprehend that I wouldn’t need one.
  3. I'm a nursing student in Canada, I have a job as a home care HCA this Summer for a private company. I have one main client I care for a few days per week and a second I care for once weekly. I developed a cough, sore throat, and runny nose 2 days ago. Following my province's public health rules I called my work to say I could not come in, and I would get tested for COVID asap. I got tested yesterday, the results should be back within the next few days. I think I did the right thing. I hate calling in sick and I never do it. I've only been caring for my clients for 3 weeks but I feel responsible for them. I feel like I'm abandoning them. What makes things worse is my company gave me a lot of attitude when I called them initially. They have kept me on the work schedule. I got a text today asking how I was doing, (I am totally fine - I think I have a cold) and then asking if I could come in tomorrow since I'm feeling fine. I'm legally required to self-quarantine until I get a negative test result. I know my clients may not get their usual level of care but I am trying to keep them safe! They would likely die if they contracted COVID. I'm just looking for reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. It seems like my company does not have any back-up caregivers for situations like this. I'm being made to feel terrible for calling in sick. This job is making me feel like home care is the wild west - I had to buy my own masks and gloves until I was finally provided with masks. Any thoughts and advice for the babiest of baby nurses would be much appreciated.
  4. Guest973564


  5. tnbutterfly - Mary

    A Personal Valet to the President Tests Positive

    I wonder when this valet was previously tested. It may serve to point out that daily/frequent testing of WH contacts does not mean they don't need to wear masks or take additional precautions. Staffers are rarely seen wearing masks when in the West Wing. They believe getting temperature checks daily are enough. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/05/07/trumps-personal-valet-tests-positive-for-coronavirus/#5cae8a533dd4 https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/07/politics/trump-valet-tests-positive-covid-19/index.html
  6. catherine19

    Getting Tested for Covid

    I work on a Postpartum floor where we do couplet care. I have a child who had a 103 degree temp Friday, and Saturday. On Thursday she didn't have diarrhea but 6+ dirty diapers, same for Friday. She also has congestion/ coughing now. My toddler had a temp of 99-99.5 for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with congestion, and very tired. I started feeling off Sunday, and woke up Monday with a sore throat/ nasal drainage. I thought maybe I just didn't feel great because the baby kept me up all Sunday night and I had to work on Monday morning. Well, I talked to my charge nurse and she didn't seem to think I needed to wear a mask or do anything. Fast forward to today (my next shift) and our manager is saying we need to call employee health if we have concerns. Well I called and told them about the situation and they believed it would be a good idea for me to get tested. Well I feel like a hypochondriac because my unit seems to be taking the whole covid 19 thing very lightly. I don't. We work with NICU mommas who go and see their critical babies!! I know I never had a fever, but apparently you can have this without a fever. I feel like I am going to be talked about at work, I guess I want to know what others would have done.

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