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FDA authorizes rapid, non-prescription COVID-19 tests


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ABC news 4/1/2021

FDA authorizes rapid, non-prescription COVID-19 tests



The FDA on Thursday authorized BinaxNOW, a COVID-19 antigen self-test by Abbott, a U.S. COVID-19 testing manufacturing company. It also authorized the Quick Vue test by Quidel, a diagnostic health care product manufacturer.    Neither requires a prescription. ...

An Abbott spokesperson told ABC News the tests are expected to be sold in packs of two and will cost under $10 dollars per test. The spokesperson also said the test should be available in the coming weeks. ...

Quidel's test is designed for self-collected nasal swabs for people 14 or older and for adult-collected specimens of children 2 years and up.

Rapid antigen tests provide the advantage of lower costs, fewer supplies and speed than molecular PCR tests, which take one to two days for laboratory processing. PCR tests can detect lower levels of replicating virus, but antigen tests are intended to be accurate at detecting virus when a person is actively sick and most likely contagious....