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  1. Charlcie

    Texas Abortion Law

    I wanted to open up dialogue about the law passed in Texas this week. It essentially made any abortion after detection of fetal heartbeat illegal. This can be as early as 6 weeks, before the pregnant person is even aware of the pregnancy. I am ...
  2. Happy.Nurselet

    Religion & Ectopic Abortion

    Hello nursing community! I have a question for you all. How do you feel about methotrexate or other drug-based treatment for the termination of ectopic pregnancy? As someone who was raised with very loose christian beliefs and spent some of my young ...
  3. lucyluv

    Abortion Assistance RN

    This is NOT a political thread. I am looking to hear from RNs working in clinics assisting with abortion procedures. Due to a personal calling, I think I am cut out for the job (with training!!!), but really need an insiders view. Is it scary, i.e. d...
  4. Beebop25

    pro life to work in ER OR OB

    I had made a post about this earlier. I would like to go into nursing, but am against abortion completely at all times, I am Catholic, and I would never ever take part in an abortion procedure, nor would i want to care for someone immediately after t...
  5. webbiedebbie

    Weeks pregnant and abortion?

    this is the only hospital that i have worked at that does abortions. we don't really have guidelines. is there a "legal" gestational age? the 15 year-old pt is healthy...but i guess her age is the reason to say "terminated for the life and health ...
  6. Jen_Loves_Nursing

    Does abortion play a role?

    Hi, I am Jen and I'm 30... I am a student nurse looking to go into the maternal/L&D/Midwifery world as a specilty after graduation. Whether that is being a L&D nurse or actually becoming a CNM, i am not 100% yet. My question to you is... I ...