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I was just curious if anyone knows how long after the deadline for disputing your weighted score for TCC's nursing program, the lottery is actually held? And do they post the results or just email you? I did email them, but was wondering if anyone has first hand knowledge. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!!!

I am in the same boat as you, I wish they would have been more specific. I must have checked my email about 600 times in the past few days. Hoping for some good news today! Good luck!

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I was told that I would know by Monday (today). I have done the same with checking my email every 5 minutes. Good luck to you as well!

Hey just curious if you got an email...their office hours end every day at 5:30 pm. I just want to know if someone has heard back yet!

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Are you guys waiting to hear about the lottery results or weighted score discrepancies?

Ive been checking my email and waiting to hear and still nothing! I have noticed the scores and amount have applicants have changed so hopefully we hear soon!

Good luck everyone!

Hey, I don't know if you saw, but they took the lottery numbers off the website and said that selection has been completed. Hopefully today we will know!


Now my stomach is in knots lol

We are waiting for our acceptance or denial emails, I just checked the site and all of the numbers are gone. Good luck!

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I just saw!! Omg I am going to loose my mind!!!! I am hoping today!!!!

Good luck you guys!!!!


What was everyone's weighted score ?

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My weighted score was 80.

I was just emailed that I didn't get in. I'm alternate #9.

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