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Ok I have this problem,everytime when it is getting cold or it snows my calves start to itch,and I scratch them until they almost bleed,I never had this problem until last year..does anyone heard about calves being aggravated by cold,and do you have remedy,also sometimes when the fly bites my whole calves start to itch instead of just the bitten spot .Help...


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Are your calves/legs dry from the cold? Try some lotion and increase fluids and see what happens.

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Seriously??Apply extra lotion to your legs.. your skin is probably just extra dry. the bite is just a local reaction-hydrocortisone cream should do the trick

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Every winter my skin dries out something awful. My legs are always the worst hit. Try applying a decent lotion everyday after you shower.

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My body gets itchy all over when it gets cold. My current favorite moisturizing product is the new body butter from Vaseline. It's kind'a like a "whipped petroleum jelly" and seems to be working very well this year. I hope it becomes popular so that it will be available for many years.

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Like other said, probably dry skin in winter.

If, however, you have problems with extreme itching and insect bites, you need to seek medical advice.

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