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Swedish Nov/Dec Cohort

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Did anyone receive an invitation for a modern hire live interview? Does anyone know who is doing the interviewing? (ex. recruiter, hiring manager, multiple hiring managers) Any tips for the interview? 

Also to those who were hired recently, is the modern hire live interview the only interview or will there be an in- person interview in the future? 

Hi @Anon15! I am starting in August at Swedish First Hill and I can answer some of the questions you mentioned above. After the modern interview, the recruiter would reach out to you and have you scheduled for a final interview with a nurse manager of the floor you selected. For my final interview, there were a nurse manager and two experienced nurses. The questions were straightforward and behavioral interview questions such as "tell me about a time when you made a mistake", "tell me about a time when you didn't agree with a coworker or Dr.", and etc. The final interview was conducted virtually due to covid-19, but I don't know whether the interviews would be done virtually or in-person for upcoming cohorts. I was offered a position by the end of the interview, so good luck!! 


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