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  1. nurslyfe

    Zuckerberg SF General Emergency RN Training Program 2019

    Hi there! Does anyone had advice for applying to this program? What have you like and not like about it? I am interested in the ED, however our senior practicum (which would have been in the ED) was replaced with online simulation and small clinic work due to COVID-19. Do you think that will take me out of the running for this position? I have almost a year of nurse extern experience on an Intermediate Care Unit. Also, do you remember when the application opened up last year? Thanks for your help!
  2. nurslyfe

    Valley Presbyterian Hospital new grad 2018

    Hi! Did you guys apply to these jobs before graduation or after? I graduate in 2 months and am not sure if I should apply yet!
  3. nurslyfe

    Vanderbilt Summer 2020 Nurse Residency

    Ahh nope
  4. nurslyfe

    Vanderbilt Summer 2020 Nurse Residency

    PICU was my first choice and I haven't heard anything PICU was my first choice and I havent heard anything so I hope not!!
  5. nurslyfe

    Vanderbilt Summer 2020 Nurse Residency

    For those who have gotten information on interviews....are they only in-person. I am out of state so wondering if they have flexible options. Thanks!
  6. nurslyfe

    John Muir New Grad Residency Program

    Hi! Does anyone know if John Muir is accepting new grads for Summer 2020? And if anyone ended up working a John Muir, how do you like it?
  7. nurslyfe

    Vanderbilt Summer 2020 Nurse Residency

    Congrats everyone! Haven't heard anything from peds critical care yet.
  8. nurslyfe

    Rady Children's Nurse Residency Summer 2020

    Does anyone know when we should expect to hear back?
  9. Hi! Wondering if anyone has heard from Dell Children's in Austin? I know the open house was about 2 weeks ago.
  10. nurslyfe

    California License

    I went to school in Texas and wanted to transfer to CA. My school didn't require the micro lab either so I had to retake the class and lab combo at a local community college one summer.
  11. Hello all! I couldn't find a discussion for the Summer 2020 program so I thought I would start one! What did everyone apply for? Does anyone know if Rady accepts many out-of-state applicants?
  12. nurslyfe

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2020

    Can anyone share more information on the nurse residency base pay? and what you mean by 5 months of low pay? Thanks!
  13. nurslyfe

    Vanderbilt Summer 2020 Nurse Residency

    Hi! I applied for PICU, Peds Critical Care, and Peds Acute Care. The application only asks for work, volunteer, and leadership experience from the last 6 months so I already feel like I am at a disadvantage, but we will see! Does anyone know base pay for Vandy?

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