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  1. Maha123

    Torrance Memorial RN New Grad Residency August 2020

    Hello everyone, hope its OK for me to ask a question on here. I am not applying to this program, however I am wondering if anyone has any advice in regards to resumes. I haven't been contacted or heard back from anyone with my current resume. Any advice? I feel like my past work history is holding me back...I've only been a nanny in the past
  2. Maha123

    New Grad Resume

    Hello, I just recently graduated nursing school with my BSN and I have no job experience that is even remotely associated with nursing. I have only been a nanny in the past before nursing school. I am having trouble with my resume I just don't know what I can do to be a better candidate for new grad programs. Any advice?
  3. Maha123

    DELAYS processing CA BON application

    I submitted my application for california June 16th. Does anyone know when I should be expected to receive my ATT? I haven't been contacted my anyone and my ca breeze says pending. Also does anyone know who I can contact to see if they are missing any of my transcripts or to know how far down the list of applicants I am?

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